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THRAERYN dot Net hopes to be a welcoming instance with a vital, active group of users discussing everything under the sun.

If you're new to Mastodon, @GinnyMcQueen wrote a great how-to! It's chock-full of information to make you feel like a Mastodon expert!

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We do have some guidelines to follow.

  1. Nudity is allowed BEHIND a content warning/sensitive media marker. (Click the "CW" under the text box as you're editing your toot.) Nudity without a CW will be removed - with a request that you re-post behind a content warning.
  2. Harassment will not be tolerated. @thraeryn is the final arbiter in any harassment claim on this instance. Please use the "Report" feature if you're having an issue with someone on our instance.
  3. NO ILLEGAL SHIT. We'll remove it.
  4. Please, please: don't be a dick. The only friends you're likely to make will be other dicks, and @thraeryn isn't fond of them.
  5. No racism.
  6. No sexism.
  7. We're kind to every part of the LGBTQIA+ community here. Get with that or get forcibly gone.
  8. Be as kind as the moment allows, and feel free to keep anything else to your own damned self.

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We're not sharing your data with anyone by choice.

If you have an issue, please use the "Report" feature. Thraeryn will attempt to respond promptly.