Amazon, Apple, Google, Zigbee Alliance and board members form working group to develop open standard for smart home devices

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I wish I had the time to do Hobo Christmas this year. I've been too busy trying to make sure my own shit is in order, with travel and caring for one of our dogs and a hundred other little things. It's not a great feeling.

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It frustrates me that so many outreach programs want to impose over-strict morality and care on people who already lost everything. They think they know how people can be better, and they try to hammer the homeless into their own cookie-cutter forms.

Vices like drinking and smoking are extraordinarily human. It makes me angry that people claiming to care for others demand the performance of denial before offering assistance.

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Hobo Christmas, alc mention 

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My friend Catherine (@Riki_Kiki_Taco on birdsite) is attempting to curate a list of Native sellers for the holiday season.

If you're a Native with things to sell, or know of a Native with a business, please drop her some deets!

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White queers aren't the only fucking queer people on this damn website.

Stop speaking over other queer people.

White queers are still white. And still have to overcome internalized racism and bullshit. Being queer does not erase how they're white.

Stop acting like your queerness means you can speak above POC or indigenous people.

And stop using your queer card when you get called out for racism.

Be a fucking adult and own up to when you say something shitty.

I'm done with y'all.

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I'm thinking it might be time for urinals to stop being a thing. I dunno. Just maybe.

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everyone has an agenda except for me: a conservative's guide to political discussions

These guys are doing way better than last year. Still my favorite.

Hey folks. My last-ever Drunken Wombat Radio starts in about half an hour. If you've never heard my show, this is your last chance.

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bi day takes place on the equinox, representing eternal balance between the two most important solar phases: pride season and halloween

We haven't shut down quite yet. Drunken Wombat Radio is coming up in about 34 minutes!

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