Auntie Wombat's Bible Class Episode 11 is live and ready to hear! Bonus rant on the importance of inclusion!

It's Booze o'clock! Do you know where your Drunken Wombat is?
I'll be on Radio KoL in about 32 minutes!

Auntie Wombat's Bible Class Episode 10 is now available, in which I offer some suggestions for dealing with gender dysphoria.

Oh yeah I guess I'm doing that Drunken Wombat Radio thing tonight. Starts in about 21 minutes.

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Why did the nonbinary prospective move West? Cause there's gold in them/their hills

Drunken Wombat Radio, coming up on an internet near you in a little over half an hour!

Hey, lgbtq+ folks, is there anything you wish you knew more about as a teen? Looking for more topics I can cover on the podcast when the actual questions from actual teens aren't coming in.


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