Introducing Auntie Wombat's Bible Class: a podcast for LGBT youth. The first episode is now available:

It's Booze o'clock! Your Drunken Wombat Radio will be up in about 23 minutes!

My work's employee directory now has an option to set preferred pronouns, including fully custom ones. 😸

It's Booze o'clock! That means Drunken Wombat Radio starts in about 37 minutes! (in a row?)

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It looks like a government, but then again it doesn't, and then you discover it's just the appearance of a government...

[Original work; feel free to share as you wish.]

It's Booze o'clock! Do you know where your Drunken Wombat is?

I'll be on RadioKoL in about 27 minutes!

Wombatilim: I'm drunk enough that "at least I didn't set the kitchen on fire" seems reasonable
Wombatilim: so there's that

That’s twice today I’ve had to point out that different things are popular in other parts of the world.

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