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Black Mom Virtual Hugs 

I, a black mother, offer the most sincerest blackest mom-est strongest HUG I can offer to all my lovely USian kinfolk and ppl globally who are grieving while still having to go work useless jobs and do useless activities to survive, especially my black kinfolk... I see you, love you, offer you black mom vibes and virtual consentual hugs. I'm sorry this is all I can do for us. I wish there's more. :QueerCatHeart_panafrican:

Easy day today! 💪

Except I watched all of "Infinity Train", so now I have no more "Infinity Train".

"Hi, and welcome to the Precious Roy Home Shopping Network, where - "
'Where quality is like a stinking, dead rat; you just can't miss it, folks!'

(This is a feeling that can come through in many situations; the prompt right now? Trying to help folks in a YouTube chat get a basic grip on "time crystals")

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There's nothing like being in a room full of confused people, trying to help them understand,

and feeling completely ignored.

One of the best lines that creep, Brian Warner, ever wrote:

"And I was a hand grenade that never stopped exploding"

💕 to all my people who feel it

I'm making it through today. Maybe more easily than before. It's tough to gauge.

Previously: got super tired by this point, figured I was done as soon as I got home

Today: low-level ready for a nap all day, nooooooo idea what I'll be capable of on returning home

Gratefully, "What will I feel like in an hour?" is a very low-stakes question, as ain't a damn thing on the agenda, wisely

The pigs lied about every single detail of: George Floyd's murder, Breonna Taylor's murder, and the Uvalde shooting. There is a reason for this beyond self preservation. There is a reason that they instantly knew they were guilty of something horrible the instant these three things happened.

Crypto is crashing. Re-toot to make it crash faster.

I watched a documentary about the Black Panther Party last night.

one of the people interviewed was a retired oakland cop. he recounted a time when he was patrolling in the ghetto, and spotted a little Black girl playing with a hula hoop. he stopped to say hi to her, and she just shouted "FUCK YOU PIG!" and ran inside to get her parents.

I hope that girl is having such a great day right now, god damn.

How do you win what most consider the top accolade in comedy (the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor) on a Sunday and, instead of basking in that limelight, go on take your frustrations with your bruised bitch ass ego out on the only people brave enough to collectively reject the bigoted bullshit you call “jokes” on a Monday?

Twenty-four hours.

If you’re anything like Dave Chappelle, your insecurities are so large, they might as well be the Empire State Building.

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But here’s what really kills me:

You man constantly preach about how sticks and stones break bones but words can never hurt you yet here the fuck your snowflake ass is crying and begging for laughs. Here your bitch made ass is *bawling* because a gaggle of school children rejected your “art.”

Never ever talk to me about Dave Chappelle ever again. That man is a whole snivelling little bitch and he’s not worthy of any lionisation ever again.

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Y'know, sometimes it's your own responsibility to stay away from people who offer you a second chance or a clean slate.

If you can't see the change in yourself that might make things different, there's a solid chance they won't be different.

It’s the simplest proof anyone could ask for — genuinely or disingenuously — that a lot of you aren’t satisfied with simply harming people with impunity.

You lot clearly expect to be given a hero’s coronation when you’re clearly the villain of your own fucking delusion of grandeur.

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Dave Chappelle turning down the opportunity to have the theatre at the high school he graduated from named after him [because he didn’t get the reaction he wanted from his transphobic-laden special The Closer] is absolutely proof positive that some of you lot will go out of your way to do an unreal amount of harm to people who have done nothing to you, still win all the material prizes, and still not be satisfied unless everyone is applauding you for your indefensible commentary.

uspol, txpol, the GOP 

Anyone who's actually like "fuck it, let Texas secede" can go ahead and block me now. There are so many vulnerable people in Texas, and what I hear when you say things like that is that their lives don't matter to you. People have sure been quick to jump on the "fine, let them have it" train without any plan for all the millions of people that would be hurt.

Do you know what the fascist government would do if they had their way? They'd put those people in concentration camps. They've done it before and they'll do it again. Remember Joe Arpaio in Arizona? Not an outlier. I understand being frustrated with the Republicans and their shitty platform, but they WANT you to be distracted from the violence they're enacting and will enact on LGBTQ+ people.

People in the rest of the country being shitty to Texan minorities isn't new though. It happens every election cycle when we could "turn Texas blue" and then things like voter suppression and the Democrats' terrible platform prevent it. And then all these libs around the country scream at Texas voters for "letting this happen" like some abusive partner. And for anyone there who doesn't vote, can you blame them? Why would someone vote for a party that routinely engages in victim blaming?

black trans people need housing needs to meet this goal in nine days and they arent close at all. please help!

I should change my shoes, which is a weird reaction to rain while also being true.

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Oh wow. It's raining.

We've had a high pressure system over the area for a long while. Hard drought conditions.

I'm not thrilled to drive in it later if it continues; it's still welcome.

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