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1994 #MovieBowl Quarterfinal #3

ridiculous, lewd-ish character name 

Sir Bepis Deferens

So, just a reminder:

Racist edgelords, crybaby straight(ish) white incels, any combination of the preceding with those who love posting tons of manga/hentai un-content warned, homophobes, you are not welcome federated to

Are. Not.

This instance is for residents of New Orleans, people with a strong interest in the culture of New Orleans/South Louisiana, etc, and it's a black/biracial culture. Your garbage is unwelcome here.

Here ended the lesson.

Read profiles
Read pinned toots
Then send a follow request

Meds, my forgetful brain, reminder 

I am being so chaotic lately with my meds (which could be making things worse on my brain) soooo, let's all take our stuff.

If you have something you need to take, here's your reminder! :blobcatheart:

So, realistically,

what kind of machine (physical or virtual) does it take to run a small Mastodon or glitch-soc instance? What kind of specs might a box need for, say, 50 active users?

Please boost! :boost_ok:

I think that if we somehow created a 50-strong cast of CGI characters and normalized using them exclusively in TV and film, every part played by Not Really A Person,

fanatics would still bitch about the casting decisions

New type of medical spam call? 

Someone just called, who knew my name, saying I was going to receive a package of pain relieving medication, for all Texas residents due to the pandemic. I said no and told them not to.

I happen to have heard about some workers' comp scams in which people are sent expensive pain relief creams on auto refill without wanting or asking for them. But I didn't know this was a type of cold call now.

(I actually apologized to my housemate bc I recognize that I can be REALLY dismissive when talking about belief, but in the moment don't recognize I'm being rude

It was weighing on me as I did the dishes)

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I think I need to stop looking for full-time work altogether and focus on contracting and crowdfunding my projects.

Hiring and recruiting in tech these days has been an absolute shit show.

I'm a Black dude in tech so I'm used to people 'questioning' my experience but this time around has been insufferable.

Hiring managers aren't looking for skills and experience. They are looking for specific frameworks and keywords and conflating that with 'modern' practices.

It's been maddening as a person that quite self-hosts most of their online services and built their own blog framework from scratch to hear people telling me they don't know if I can build their one-page shopify sites.

I really do love humanity. I delight in all of the things we learn. I get excited when there's an advance in energy, agriculture, medicine, materials science, anything that lets humans create a replica or take control of our own settings.

The universe is a big, weird, incredible place, and I want my descendants to have the opportunity to create one.

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I talked for a bit about the hope that one day, humans can opt to be machine minds in diamond crystals, living full lives while floating through space

'Well, diamonds are part of Nature'
"Yes, a part we learned about, learned what they're made of and how, and now? bc of how diamonds are collected and mined and sold, I wouldn't even consider buying one that came out of the ground" 😅

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Heh. My housemate brought up the really cool witchcraft store nearby,


and I busted out "I'm not sure if you've realized yet, but I'm an atheist; like, a STRONG atheist"
(I moved to calling myself a humanist a few moments later)

'Well, witchcraft is all about revering Nature'
"Sure, I think the natural world is amazing, full of wonders,

and as a humanist, I love every time we learn a little more about nature and learn how to BEAT IT"

Hey, does anyone wanna join forces and delete their twitter account on the same day next week?

I say next week so people get time to download their archive and connect with people elsewhere as well, and I imagine if a lot of people request their archive around the same time it may create a bump in the system.

we already invented an invisibinty cloak

it looks like this

Holy fuck,

there's absolutely nothing on my schedule tomorrow.

Holy SHIT. was fucking 🔥 tonight!

Next week looks even better somehow, and I WILL BE THERE, LIVE

It's Wednesday. You know what that means.

starts in a few! I'll be chatting in the r/SC Discord (a well-moderated, friendly place):

Houston things 

I love being invited to stuff.

I hate being invited to stuff by people who live in Pearland, or Katy, or Spring, or Tomball, or League City, or or or or or or or or

> This was only a warning. We demand the disbanding of all anti-choice establishments, fake clinics, and violent anti-choice groups within the next thirty days. This is not a mere “difference of opinion” as some have framed it. We are literally fighting for our lives. We will not sit still while we are killed and forced into servitude.

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