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I really wish you could reverse the order of a playlist on YouTube.

And if I can, please tell me how!

Where my people?

The Thursday before Halloween, the 26th, I'm gonna put my projector screen together and show "In The Mouth Of Madness". It'll be "bring your own everything", but I have good buddies who like to share. Bring a chair, meet some cool folks, watch a weird film?

I'm just (JUUUUST) outside 610, around Park Place/Gulfgate. Drop me a line. I'd love to have fedi friends roll through. 😀

Thank fuck for the people in my life who care about me. Doing my best to thank them after the past few days, but I could put my mind to figuring out some personal gestures.

health (~) 

Repeatedly mouthwashing helps. I think I gotta go in to the dentist tomorrow and see what they can do.

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health (-) 

Motherfucker. Having another tooth pain day, but it's not going away this time.

My dental appointment is in 11 days.

I'd suggest my housemate pick up the groceries so I could go for an emergency visit, but it's Sunday! They're not open!

I dunno what the fuck to do right now. I can't think straight.

I think Western society is only really starting to admit that in moments like this, two thoughts that each cause uncomfortable mental frisson don't always get connected. Obvious on the outside; tough from inside.

It's a little achievement to work through uncertainty and discomfort. It's an achievement to combine uncertain ideas into a single, solid plan.

Those of us who get the wide eyes and bright grin are finally becoming louder than the ones who go "well, duh", discounting the whole thing

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Thought: "Y'know, I don't feel like wandering the grocery store alone. I could probably get a curbside slot this afternoon."

Thought: "Y'know, there's not a ton in the main bank account. I hope I'm able to get everything on the list."

Dots connected: "Heeeey! If I do curbside, I can *see* how much everything will cost! Even if I can't get a slot, I'll know what to expect! I can stop worrying!"


sing, or vocoder, or auto-tune, or just don't 🤷🏼‍♂️

However you do it, just don't rely on some open-throat shouting. Shit ain't been novel or impressive for 25 years now

I appreciate our riding mower so much. I was able to hop on and tackle the whole 1.25-acre plot instead of pushing around the regular mower. I got things done bc I wasn't trying to muscle a whole engine around that much land by myself.

Here's to you, riding mower.

I need music recs. Please boost after reading.

I like a certain subset of dubstep:
✅ headbang-y
✅ aggressive
✅ bludgeoning bass drops
✅ strong musically, not just noisy

And my playlist of that stuff? It's like, five whole songs. 😥

Please, if you have recs, hit me with 'em. Maybe listen to the playlist, and know that I'm looking to match the feel more than I want famous names or big hits.


Bad actors are abusing large, open-registration, low-moderation Mastodon instances in order to provide direction to the Vidar Stealer trojan horse, which steals passwords, credit card details, bitcoin wallets, etc.

If you run a large, open-registration, low-moderation instance, please consider changing at least one of those qualities.

meal box conversation 

So after trying every offering, we'll return to cooking recipes of our choosing. We spent two months or so eating a disappointing string of oddities when *we are perfectly capable cooks*—not just technically, but creatively. We know how to make food; we discovered, through trial and a succession of errors, that convenience means nothing if one doesn't enjoy the result.

Please, if you want to cook at home, just buy "The Joy of Cooking" and try. These boxes are MEH.

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meal box conversation 

Blue Apron is trebly disappointing. We used to LOVE getting two-person, meat-inclusive meals for date nights. Those recipes introduced us to new ingredients, new spice blends, new flavor profiles. They were excellent.

Until they got repetitive. We'd get something that was a rehash of three weeks ago. Still good; no longer novel.

Moving to four-person, family offerings killed our respect. Reduced options. Strange, slapdash combinations. Lots of "sadness bowls".

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meal box conversation 

Tonight's offering, for example, was zucchini fritters atop a salad with black beans, tomato, not enough kale, and too much sweet potato.


I ate it. It was filling. I didn't make a face when I tasted it.

But holy shit, we're not paying any of these services for "🤷🏼‍♂️ it's fine" food.

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meal box conversation 

I think we've tried every meal box out there at this point.

Blue Apron has the best recipes and ingredients, for two-person meals, for folks who eat meat.

Everyone sucks at fish dishes; 95% of them are boring or nonsensical takes on salmon.

EVERYONE sucks at four-person vegetarian meals. I dunno who writes those recipes. They're not terrible, but they're VERY "I'm a white person whose parents didn't cook at home."

I fixed an issue today!

The cold water pressure in the upstairs bathroom sink was really low. Grabbed a crescent wrench, took the aerator off of the faucet, and it was full of sediment. Rinsed it out, put it back on, and all's well.

It feels very good to see a problem and simply fix it.

What ignoramous called it OnlyFans and not Oops! All Fans!???

Idea: Sometime around age 35, people take on 18-yo interns. The older people get the use of younger bodies and minds to help with everyday stuff. The younger people get real, useful knowledge of what functional adulthood looks like (hopefully) and how various trials are overcome.

It seems like everyone—possibly literally—would come out ahead.

fighting transphobia, hot take 

It’s all very well to talk about empty gestures and not being a diversity token and just wanting to live quietly but as long as transphobes have a voice, just existing as a trans person is a political act. And if more cis led organisations spoke up in active support of trans rights instead of mumbling and shuffling their metaphorical feet and avoiding controversy then transphobes would have more trouble being heard

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