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DPS accepted the old docs. Orson has a temp ID; the permanent one comes in a few weeks.

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Gonna try to get my son his first ID today.

Don't have his new birth cert or social security card; do have the old ones, his court order, and everything I can lay hands on to meet the listed requirements. (Even a note for myself about which docs meet which needs.)

It's pretty much down to the day the clerk at DPS is having. We will accept all positive wishes. 🤞🏼

This match between Rose/Diamante and Swole/Hart is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I swear to god, Eddie Kingston is AEW's best hire between Moxley and Punk. The man is a fucking gem. He's also very obviously happy to do anything the company that kept him from retiring needs him to do. He's legit having fun with guys and gals he's known for years, helping the kids come up, sitting next to/lacing up with legends.

He's getting to live his dream, after years of scraping for it, and it's ACTUALLY his dream instead of a poor substitute. In return, he gives 800% in every way.

Lulu Pencil throwing fucking LOOKS on AEW Dark: Elevation *BONK*

Just taught my son to shave before, hopefully, he gets his first ID tomorrow afternoon.


hackers breaking into prisons and posting videos of all the abuse that happens there is honestly what should have been happening this whole time as governments expand their surveillance states:

Fundraising; Cancer; Boost it, please and thank you 

We're $4200 away from our goal, and I'm too exhausted to make a joke about that number.


#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

I think I'm gonna see "All Out" at a theater this year instead of buying it at home.

I think I'm going to try making at least two new masks by then: another practice one, then one with the fancy fabrics.

Several people complimented me on my "shitty" one today. That was nice. I hope my next practice mask turns out better.

My pets all came to the kitchen as I made lunch and hungrily watched as I cut something on a cutting board. Being a sweet guy, I offered them all a taste.

Except I was chiffonading some iceberg lettuce for a sandwich. 😅 Oh, the looks I got back.

Of all the "Sifl & Olly" characters, I love Precious Roy the most.

In an already absurd setting, he is even farther distanced from reality. This is its own world, and he lives in a world apart from THAT.

He's the best. 💕

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"Hi, and welcome to the Precious Roy Home Shopping Network, where—"
'Where quality is like a stinking. dead. rat. You JUST CAN'T MISS IT, folks!'

All right. Made the family a lovely salmon piccata for dinner, cleaned up after myself, and it's time to chill and find some weird TV to watch.

Y'know, with so many cheap "virtual voicemail" offerings, call forwarding, etc, it's not terribly tough or expensive to get your own toll-free vanity number, hook it up to a voicemail service,

and have your own Bill Murray-esque pitch line.

hot take: if an unelected body of 9 people can look at a centuries-old document written by slaveholders and say that document gives landlords the right to evict people in the middle of a pandemic, we should get rid of that unelected body and that centuries-old document

the lack of workers in the united states isn't due to some mysterious group of people that simply don't want to work. people aren't getting paid enough to even afford to work in certain towns, let alone live in them. people drive upwards of an hour or two in order to make it to jobs that barely pay enough to cover their living expenses in the low income areas, and even those areas are getting too expensive. so where will people go when nobody pays enough?

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Defrosted and reorganized the chest freezer with my son to make room for fresh water jugs. Gave the genny a short trial run.

I doubt we'll get the full force of a gulf storm in this weekend; the household will still be prepared if the power goes out.

Georgia State University teacher does the right thing, is promptly fired

"Luedtke decided to take a stand on behalf of her students, many of whom live in multi-generational homes and could carry COVID back to grandparents and younger siblings. So, she told GSU she would only teach if masks were worn in her classes. She also said she’d be willing to teach the online versions of the classes."

PSA: if anyone emails you from, or with this "proposal", DO NOT FALL FOR IT, it's a scam. We don't own those domains and we will never spam you. Please spread the word!

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