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Ads that make you actively not want the thing being advertised

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Hey, it's one of those mornings where it's not even 09.00 but I have to be at full mental capacity to handle several things

The kind where I eventually go back to bed until 11

It is 00.24 CDT, I am drinking, and I have decided that Type O Negative songs are the perfect baritone singer's warm-up.

That is all.

asking for assistance, ♻️

when my creative surge returns it's over for you bitches >:3

until then, I could use some help with getting meds

COVID, positive 

I said this months ago when someone wondered: should they get the 1st dose if they worry about availability of the 2nd?

Advanced training is better than basic training. Basic training is better than no training. The real-world numbers bear out.

I mowed more of my lawn today, and I hate it. The damn thing is over an acre, and the riding mower's been dead for years.

I've put two hours in now, and I potentially have 2.5-3 to go.

I'm glad I have until Saturday, and I hate it.

I wish Douglas Adams had just stuck with the radio play and mid-budget BBC teleplay for THHG2G. I read the first book and, short as it is, it's still so much dross. The original work was funny and punchy and had to move quickly. The books seemed 🤷🏼‍♂️ Less fun, more so-so attempts at "clever".

And I've seen the big-budget movie, in whole or in part, about three times. It's stunningly unmemorable. It actually stunned me into a deep sleep at least once.

I feel like I could give Mexico a shot if I did my research

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I mean, I had trouble adjusting to living in Canada. After three years, my return to the US was *super amazing*.

The only things I miss are going to the doctor and Canadian rap, weirdly

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One day, I hope to visit several countries that Jason Bourne thought he could disappear in,

and determine that I probably couldn't ever attempt to live there

Also, it bugs me when people make "42" jokes, I say something about "six by nine", and they have no idea what I mean.

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I turn 42 on Saturday.

Finally, I'll be able to answer "What is six by nine?"

Best: Movie setup morphs with very little effort to karaoke setup.

With all the noise the neighbors regularly make, I do not at all mind singing songs at 'em at 23.00 on a Satiddy.

is a little extra sometimes.

Like, there's probably one or two burlesque shows every We, Th, Fr, Sa each week.

I know bc my friends are in 'em and advertising 'em constantly. 🤷🏼‍♂️

"Offer expires while you wait! Operators are standing by."

I always forget that Spike drops the S-bomb in this movie 😂 As a kid, the importance/tension ratcheted up 300%

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