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Karaoke party, 20.30 CST (8:30 PM). I will be your host for songs you'd like to sing.


Also, if I ever hear the coin drop on Dynamite, I will promptly shout so loud and so hard that I expect my lungs to just hop right on out my mouth

just hop right outside

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In reality, only the bracket winner will compete IN the US; bringing that many Japanese women to the US right now would be TOUGH. And the bracket winner? Probably all set to move to the US.

Which would put Yuka Sakazaki near the top of the list, as she worked for AEW a lot pre-COVID. Maaaaaybe Emi Sakura.

I do imagine a lot of the women involved would consider signing the dotted line to work for a big US promotion. We'll see!

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wrestling, a li'l swear 

This made me very happy tonight.

uspol, txpol, austin, police abolition 

"Austin City Council approves the purchase of a hotel to permanently house people experiencing chronic homelessness USING DOLLARS CUT FROM THE POLICE BUDGET"

When we say defund and reallocate, this is what that looks like.

wrestling, alcohol 

John Silver liked my tweet to him,

basically confirming that he was drunk as shit every time he defended the BTE Championship

Johnny tipsyyyyyy

Considering singing some karaoke on stream tonight.

Won't do it unless I get ten folks who indicate they'll watch, though. I'm perfectly capable of singin' karaoke with my own dang self.

RT @haylesoflagos
This young boy made Iron man’s suit with Cartons🥺

It will cost you nothing to RT this creativity.❤️

The loooooong string of LED strip lights already did a lot; these new bulbs kick it up significantly.

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I would like to go back an hour and a half, convince myself to just stay awake, THEN handle it for her and still have lots of weariness waiting for me to lie down and rest

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I was close to sleep, and then Jinya got up and started sleepily faffing with the overhead fan.

Awake again now.

I have recently discovered the joy of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", and I perpetually want to hug Terry Crews' character.

#MastoDev I want to be prompted to send someone a "why" when I click "follow" and their account isn't just open. Sometimes I don't notice that it changed to "rescind request" or whatever the words are and so don't think to message them to say Hi or whatever. Just they said something cool to a friend of mine in a thread or something, IDK. Then I notice weeks later and their avatar looks familiar, but that's it.

I need to make a playlist of all the very longest songs I enjoy, I think. The ones that go hard on repetition, that dare the listener to stop in the middle on risk of earworms.

It's especially weird that there exist no easy, subtitled "Matrix" GIFs about reaching broadcast level 😤

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I uh, made a public post on FB that's pushing 3,000 shares.

I'm glad, mostly, and hope folks really ingest my words and take them to heart.

But it's fucking weird to achieve broadcast level.

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