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Man, I think I'm havin' a fuckin' cheat day on my diet. Hell with it. I been good three weeks now.

I'll do some bicep curls tomorrow.

ZZ Top, alcohol mention 

"And he came in and he saw that, saw me and Dusty sitting there."

Dusty Hill: "And I go: 'This is only my second one.' You know, he just turned around and walked out. Didn't say a word."

🤣 🤣

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ZZ Top, alcohol mention 

Frank Beard: "He had us on this limit, two drinks a night. Well, Dusty an' I found they had this drink, called it the 'Chimp in Orbit', which came in a glass which was about this tall and about that big around, and sat on the ground and had a giant straw."

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If you enjoy blues-rock at all, watch "ZZ Top: That Little Ol' Band From Texas" on Netflix.

Good music, good interviews, frank discussions, and Frank Beard talkin' about all the dumbass drugs he was on 🤣

Bill & Ted Face the Music reactions 

There are people fuckin' griping because women are in the movie,

because fucking of course there are dumb shits complaining about that, but FUCKING JESUS, I wish we could smother all those dipshits between some thick fuckin' thighs

@naga Let me know what you think when you get out of the movie!

It amazes me how much I still love such kind-hearted dummies as Bill & Ted. Watching "Face the Music" again today because it's good and silly and fun and sweet.

Celebrities v sex workers 

They had a tough enough time setting this place up because they're regularly discriminated against. They already had to move the business three or four times and pray that their customers would come along each time.

They only know three things right now: the hard work they put in is being stolen, nothing will be done to help them, and they fucking hate Bella Thorne.

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Celebrities v sex workers 

The lease owners on the place won't kick her out. They're like, "Mm, we don't know that we were ever really comfortable with tacos; we'd like some celebrity hot dog cash!"

All the while, she just in there telling reporters, "Maybe they should try selling hot dogs. It's working for me!"

The folks who brought EVERY REGULAR CUSTOMER to that location don't know what to do.

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Celebrities v sex workers 

These folks already been in line, and they want to be able to say they bought food from a celebrity, so they get the hot dog. The restaurant she just up and parked herself inside makes far less money.

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Celebrities v sex workers 

For those who don't know, she set up an OnlyFans where she's NOT selling nudes, but is making a ton of money regardless because folks are hoping she might sell nudes.

This is akin to her showing up in a Latinx-owned Mexican restaurant and, consulting no one, setting up a food cart all the way inside the place. People who came for food ignore the waiters, get in line for the cart, and eventually ask her what kind of tacos she has only to hear "Nope! We got hot dogs."

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Celebrities v sex workers 

I hope Bella Thorne's nose and tits fall off in the most ragged, irreparable way possible.

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" is pretty great. I can't really imagine a better capstone on the franchise.

fitness stuff 

Trying to stay at a 500-calorie intake deficit doesn't let me have many of my tasty margaritas. 😿

Also, I can't find any of the three seamtress tapes we have in the house to measure my belly. Kinda frustrating, as I'm trying to lose belly fat and we have three in the house 😤

Never lost power last night. Today is a day here in Houston.

Laura update (Houston) 

Well, I think the storm is meant to be onshore by now.

Through the vagaries of the atmosphere, I'm still over here watching Netflix.

Dang, it would be nice if the power stayed on all night.

"3%" S04 spoilers 

🎶 Oh, who got fucked, fucked, fucked?
Y'all all got fucked, fucked, fucked! 🎶


Here's to Brazil's "3%" for having a trans actress just portrayin' a role like actors and actresses do 👍🏼

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