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New Girl, final season 

She's such a wonderful addition to the ensemble and I wish she'd gotten another season being part of the cast with more B-stories she is amazing

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New Girl, final season 

I don't know how they managed it, but Schmidt & CeCe's daughter, Ruth, is THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE SHOW


I dunno if black kids are still called 'white' or 'acting white' by their peers for doing different shit, but i was definitely on the receiving end of that from like elementary school up to high school.

But im just watching this doc and I feel super vindicated; I *KNEW* we've been doing this shit forever!

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how can cancellation be real if consequences aren't real

Yeah, I just went ahead and did it. The shower head had a lot of mineral build-up; the pipe was mostly okay. Some rinsing and some CLR brought the shower pressure right back up to normal.

Poured some CLR down the shower drain and plunged it a bit, too, as it still wasn't as fast as intended. Lots of sediment in there that I was able to knock loose. The CLR will likely take a touch more with it as it flows through.

Everything in the upstairs bathroom works as well as I can make it work.

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I'm doing a fine job of doing nothing today.

Except in an hour I might attempt to snake the shower pipe, knowing how poor its water pressure is and having seen how much shmutz was in one of our iron pipes yesterday.

With Richard doing a LOT of work to clear the inlets, and Jinya and I installing a new feed line, our new fridge has a working ice maker and water dispenser.

Sounds small, but those iron pipes had a LOT of crud built up in them, and we had to turn the water off to the house a couple of times in the rain.

The agreement is that we ain't doin' SHIT tomorrow. I may just start makin' margaritas soon as I wake up.

So, the thing I hate most about Linux Mint is the constant version mismatch between opera-stable and chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

I just want some Hygge. It's a Danish term for that feeling of sitting around with a close friend or three, in a comfy space, not doing much more than being happy together.

A final note: Our house is not dirty. Our cats and dogs do not pee on the floors. Regardless of that, we clean our floors because we're not slobs. This was just one dude who wanted to pawn off the tedious shit on us.

Calls and complaints were made.

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We can do these things because we're competent people with practical, real-world knowledge and problem-solving skills that include at least short bursts of foresight. We're a solid team with seventeen years of experience working together.

Now Tony and Orson are putting things back in the new fridge. Orson would've been capable of more assistance; "put thing in fridge" is about the level Tony can handle. It's sad that one's 16 and the other is mid-forties.

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Cool: We finally got a new fridge delivered.

Uncool: To just inside our kitchen, *grudgingly*, because the lily-livered delivery guy was like "it smells a lot like cats and dogs".

I had to step into the other room while Jinya basically gave him an earful of "you yellow-bellied fuck, you're meant to deliver this fridge and it's not delivered if it's fucking outside".

Then Jinya and I spent a few hours of "we're not even s'posed to BE HERE today" time taking our old fridge out, putting new in.

Ooh, or I could swing through the "Nightside" books in probably a week, then sprint through "The Locked Tomb"

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I'm re-reading "The Malazan Book of the Fallen". Again.

I'm about to start book four.

After that, I might go through all of "The Dresden Files" to get to the newest one; by the time I'm done with that, I'll be ready to go through all the "Sandman Slim" books to get to the newest (and final) one. Then I can go through "The Machine Dynasty" to get to the newest (and final) one.

If there's not a new "Expanse" book by then, I might eat my hat. And maybe re-read "Amber" or "The Black Company".

Whose concert should I watch?

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I can't decide whether to watch a Megadeth, Rammstein, or Iron Maiden concert.

Any one of them would put about a buck fifty of gas back in my tank,

and I am constitutionally incapable of making decisions currently

bad, energy-draining stuff 

✅ I had to snake the drain pipe just to be sure before connecting everything again, which is its own huge pain in the ass
✅ after getting a big bowl of water to clean the pissy floor, Tony stepped on the edge of the bowl and got diluted cat piss all over the floor again
✅ so many of the parts are so old that every drip immediately prompts "fuck, do I need to go out and get one of these"

I was literally trembling when I informed everyone that I'm done today.

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