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V. wants to make a mod that involves generating structures. (I'm betting she wants to make some castle-dungeons, maybe?)

I found her a few links to hopefully get started. Her search skills just weren't turning anything up, which is weird. Maybe the 'rithms . . . I dunno.

She's a good coder and enjoys tackling new projects. I hope she looks into it soon!

This 20min Q&A with some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, will give you brief introduction into some of the myths and stereotypes they face on a daily basis.

"When was the last time you experienced racism? Every day, I'm always the last person anyone will sit next to on the bus."

"Is it ever ok to ask someone how Aboriginal they are? No"

#IndigenousAustralians #Aboriginal #Australia

The World of John Wick 

I can't decide whether I like that the only people The High Table can find to do their shitty menial record-keeping on antiquated equipment are rockabilly types who took the job because "we're part of a secret world that controls life or death, man,"

or if it's a bit too on the nose

Weird: when you have something cooking in the microwave and hear the distant sound of a pressurized nail gun.

"Is my food popping that much? Should I take it out?"

electricity 101 question 

So, what is the disadvantage of having the gauge size up from what you need.

Eg. use a 30A when 20A would do between a power inverter and a battery ?

I understand the cost implication. I'm more after the impact it might have on the current, what is on each end of the cable or the cable itself.

thank you :sparkles_indigo:

hey, here's a twitter thread of black trans women's gofundmes that haven't reached their goals yet:

Important things I'm thinking about today:

✅ We still need to abolish the goddamn police, strive for single-payer health care in the US, lockdown again to stave off the pandemic, and WORK TO END SYSTEMIC RACISM HERE AND ABROAD.

Dumb things I'm thinking about today:

✅ Chris Nolan's "TENET" had its theatrical release pushed back again. Nolan is adamant on showing it in theaters, as are the theater chains, I imagine.

I'm still wondering when the fuck any promotional material will admit to lifting the idea from PKD, or at least mention the Hobart phase. That shit gets on my nerves.

Tessa was recently trapped in Mexico, basically, due to travel restrictions in the US.

People are saying (pretty correctly) that AEW would be wise not to hire her.

I, uh, kinda bet that she was on the same plane as Pentagon, Jr. when he finally returned from Mexico to continue his work for AEW. The timeline doesn't match with her firing, but does match her Impact! contract ending on the 30th, a day before the first night of AEW's Fyter Fest.

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Dumb things I'm thinking about today:

✅ Tessa Blanchard, who might've done some racist shit a few years ago, definitely did NOT record a couple of cellphone promos for Impact! recently and was summarily fired five days before her contact ended. She was their current world champ.

She's talented, she's gorgeous, she makes intergender matches look believable, and she seems to light bridges aflame while standing dead-center, wondering why she keeps falling into so many streams. 🤦🏼‍♂️

it blows my mind that in other countries you dont file taxes, its just done automatically, and you have to file in the US because a software company specializing in selling you tax filing software has lobbied Congress enough to enshrine the entire industry.

COVID-19 call to action: Texas :boost_ok: 

This is the phone number for the office of Gov. Greg Abbott: 800-843-5789. Please urge him to:

1. Re-close businesses.
2. Replace the state's stay-at-home order.
3. Replace unemployment benefits.
4. Cease all evictions.
5. Cancel in-person schooling.
6. Mandate social distancing in public.
7. Mandate the wearing of masks in public.
8. Get testing to the level suggested by the CDC.
9. Maintain regulations until we meet the CDC's guidelines to reopen.

AEW Dynamite spoilers 

This was the go-home shot last night.

I mean, *I* certainly want to see the show where this story pays off.

Dusty Rhodes 

It's wild, but I still remember where I was when I found out The American Dream passed away. I was on a road trip in New Mexico, riding towards Roswell, only getting intermittent signal. I found out an hour or two after many people did, and spent a lot of time shock-scrolling through others' memorial posts.

I can't believe I hadn't talked about bumping til today. Weird omission.


I just had the thought that Vince Russo is the William Shakespeare of professional wrestling

Gonna try to shove a soapy washcloth in one ear and straight out the other now, kbye

alc mention 

Tony Schiavone on the Dynamite post-show:

"I don't mind a good cider, but uhhhh, beer I don't like."


Seriously pause season 19 of "Forlorn White People in Medieval Times" and go watch "Hidden Figures"

It's like 2 hours you got time

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Given how many badass black folks there were in comp sci it really doesnt make much sense why there's only one movie like "Hidden Figures"

Which if you havent seen, wtf are you doing talking to me go see it

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