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I agree w MO on this big time.

Stop using Blk ppl and POC (again, two different groups) as a means of being indifferent to others, dogs in your fight, or the heuristic device which you use to shield yourself criticisms.

we are not bodies for fodder.

It's LIVE! Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon. It's a dual wielding twin stick... it's a rhythm game... it's a dungeon crawler... it's hard to explain but there's a video and a demo so check it out!

Back it it you love it. Boost it to be a pal. :blobaww:

CW: bright flashing images

It's sorta helpful to know that I can define one term one day, then its antonym the next,

but I really wanna lay them out together and present the whole thing 😿

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I think the toughest thing about trying to do a word-a-day account is that so many terms and concepts tie together. I usually want to discuss about five different words that all pertain to the same larger idea.

"Jobbing" is also known as "doing business". A good worker or friend doesn't mind doing business sometimes to put someone over; selfish or status-obsessed people tend not to want to do business.

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When your business is competitive performance, today's terms make all the sense in the world.

job (verb): To lose a scripted performance; to take a dive.

Example: "Shane expects me to job tomorrow night at trivia so he can impress his date."

jobber (noun): Someone who regularly loses to make others look good.

Example: "A good wingman doesn't mind being a jobber so their buddies can get dates."

If you wanted to support my work but refused to use Patreon, first of all



Soon my pretty


I'm launching the kickstarter tomorrow wish me luck or whatever fate you think I deserve.

It helps SO MUCH that even in squash matches--I should do "squash" on @wrestleslang soon--it's never a full-on, 45-second squash; whoever's doing the job (I should define "job" first) gets some offense in, gets a strong showing even if the finish is DECISIVE.

That's how you build your roster, goddammit. EVERYONE can look good while some simply look better.

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I swear to god, everyone in AEW deserves their spot. Everyone has found their stride so well in this first year, and there are few match-ups that I'm not excited to see.

I love every last match where Orange Cassidy gives us some of that Fire Ant energy

twitter seeing a mastodon feature and going "what if this was more useful to brands, and also didn't prevent harassment anymore"

Daaaaaaaaaaamn. That was a long outing. We hit JoAnn; Target--a grave error, that one; Spec's; and H-E-B since Target was so terrible.

*shakes head* I don't think I'm leaving the house for four or five days.

Thank fuck about the only thing I have on my agenda is hitting a Target with my son to look for new puzzles. I can take a little time to recharge.

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Sheesh. Ate some food, drank some caffeine, and it *emptied* my tank. As The Hurricane would say, "Wassup wi' that?!"

Bad Kickstarter campaigns 

And yes, I did send this very report:

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You don't need any more intro than "Anyway, here's Wonderwall."

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