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It's World Bee Day! Let's give thanks to beekeepers around the globe, to Anton Janša (a pioneer of modern beekeeping, born on this day in 1734), and to bees of all kinds, our humble (and bumble) helpers in keeping local ecosystems growing and thriving. 🐝

"'Labrum'? She coulda killed 'im!"

Excalibur is a huge dork. ❤️

A'ight, shoot, I'm getting out of this chair and I'm gonna exercise.

Sometimes a performer will combine the two, letting some genuine friendship, gratitude, or frustrations into a planned performance to give it an honest feel. If their fellow performers are aware that it's all still in kayfabe, it's called a "worked shoot".

Worked shoots generally go over extremely well with crowds.

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Today's word is another of the important basics, "work".

work (verb):

1 To manipulate or deceive an audience; to maintain kayfabe.

Example: "That false finish really worked the crowd!"

2 To focus attacks on a specific body part, weakening it.

Example: "Jack! Work the arm, brother!"

work (noun):

1 A planned or scripted event; actions that take place in kayfabe.

Example: "That whole argument was a work."

"Work(ed)" is generally the opposite of "shoot".

Of course I lay all that out, and when the appointed time comes around, I get a phone call from the guy basically giving us the costs of different options and suggesting I call him back when we make a decision.

I don't know whether to laugh or roll my eyes.

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ngl, these are the days that end an exercise routine.

* I want to exercise before the day really starts.
* I take extra time some days, but eventually get to my workout.
* Days like today, I have no extra time before the morning begins.
* It's far easier to skip a day than find time later.
* It's far easier to skip a day if you've already skipped one before.

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I have to lead a pest control person around this morning. (We seem to have hornets somewhere.)

I don't want to get out of bed yet. I have maybe 30 minutes.

A while back, our friends at Wild Rumpus Circus in WI invited us to take part in a virtual parade. They published the video today, and I think it looks terrific:

Keep your eyes peeled for some #clowns you might know from the #fediverse including myself, @naugeleh , and @Avalon !

Jesus fuckin' Christ, Jack Evans. You uh, prob'ly could've dialed the intensity on that "Road To" promo back a bit.

Okay, buddies: what's the good masto client for Android that handles multiple logins/accounts? I believe y'all know.

I went into a lot more detail with today's wrestling term than yesterday's. I wonder how it'll be received.

Today's word is a pretty expansive one!

shoot (adjective): true; real.

Example: "Jimmy had some shoot heat with the rest of the boys!"

shoot (verb): to speak or act genuinely; to ignore kayfabe.

Example: "If she's ready to shoot, I'll throw a couple of potatoes and knock her lights out!"

shoot (noun): a truthful speech or action outside kayfabe.

Example: "Did you hear the shoot Damante did on that promoter? He let all the secrets fly!"

so basically #signal has now a Facebook integration, "thanks" to #facebook acquiring #Giphy.
Not good.

you can't register an account without a phone number, but you can receive data from facebook. Not good.

I wonder how difficult it would be for facebook to track signal users through microdot injections into the gifs.

Minimizing attack surface is good.

Meanwhile: Gregg who works at Signal as a user experience researcher is aksing users to fill out a #google form.

a PSA about kinky relationships 

Even if you and your partner(s) know with 100% certainly that you eventually want your partnership to be a 24/7, total-power-exchange, consensual non-consent, D/s relationship, you should be starting egalitarian and working on it from there. It's not just that you might change your mind after the new relationship energy wears off, or that you might realize you only like playing, and not doing much else with them (those are sadly both possibilities though)

You all need to learn each other; your moods, your reactions, your limits. You will discover (on both sides of the slash) limits and triggers YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD BEFORE YOU ENTERED THE RELATIONSHIP. Play with the training wheels on at first. Establish safewords, but also adhere to a plain "stop" at first. It's not being weak or vanilla; it's being careful, and doing the work to establish a solid foundation of trust and communication on which you can build all kinds of fucked up kinky shit.

Okay, it tickles me to watch Majel Roddenberry as Lwaxana Troi ask something of Majel Roddenberry as the voice of a Starfleet computer.

Wowww digital movie rentals are such a fucking scam fucking $20 to rent a movie and even though it says you get it for 14 days once you start it up you got 24 hours to finish it damn wth

At least gimme 4 days all I want to watch it for $20 at the least, especially if I was renting this shit for some kids bc that's how they watch movies

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