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Also, I got to hate on Sammy Guevara before almost anyone else 🤣

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I got so lucky, having an indy fed like WrestleCircus within driving distance. I saw so many top-tier folks in blow-out matches. I had Johnny Mundo hangin' out at my feet for five minutes after being thrown from the ring. Sami Callihan shouted "M O V E ! ! " at me several times. I chanted for Tessa Two-Belts.

I miss the hell out of all of it.

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I can't think of Jack Evans without remembering him spending like, a full fucking half-hour being slammed into a concrete floor by Keith Lee (BAAAAASK in his GLOOOO-RY!) at WrestleCircus while Jay White tried to get to the venue.

Jack Evans is a snarky, frustrating little shit, but he can absorb a lot of punishment, and he can GO.

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AEW Dynamite 

AEW Dynamite 

AEW Dynamite 

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Darby Allin may be something of a shit human being, but he cuts a really good pre-recorded promo


I never knew I wanted to hear Kenny Omega say "takin' it to the nuts" before tonight

Tony Schiavone trying like hell to be the play-by-play

He's got enough chops from calling other sports, and I'm glad. I fuckin' miss Excalibur, though.


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It's bananas to me every time I see someone right now say, "But I'm sure landlords have bills to pay, too!"

Well, next time tell 'em to vote for some people who'd be quicker on the ball about halting utility, loan, and property tax payments, etc.

Those fuckers may not have made this bed by hand, but they damned sure commissioned it.

Ha! Thanks to V, my embroidery supplies are now more real/official.

I did some useful things. I showered. I cleaned up my facial hair.

I had a lunch. I'm sitting down with a book. I may take the book outside to the gazebo.

Are you safe in your space? Can you see something green and growing?

The next five minutes will probably be okay.

Take a sec and look at the living world, and let it all go for a moment. This next minute? High likelihood this minute'll be fine.

TFW you go to sleep thinking of starting an exercise regimen,

then wake up thinking of putting it off til "tomorrow" bc of all you have to do

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I like Kiss & Janella together. I wouldn't be sad to see them get a genuine run as a team.

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