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I fucking hate reading sometimes. I can't stand 3- or 4-star books. Fucking read someone else's shit and write down everything you're amazed by. This shit is insulting.

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The Iron Flower spoilers 

Everyone—EVERYONE—that the two main characters cared for is flown to safety, and the characters are going back to the seat of danger for no explained purpose, with no spoken or even hinted plans. They could start the trek to friends and family, but no; they're just like, "I guess we got a long walk, huh? 🤡"

Don't fucking do that. Say "The echoes of a plan begin forming in my head." It's ten fucking words that make them not seem like buffoons.

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No, book. NO. If I'm sitting here asking "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy", then you have not explained a harsh deviation from common sense. I don't care what your plot outline says; you should've taken another hundred words to explain that shit.


Getting pretty good at this whole fish & chips thing.

The ground floor of this house was built about a century ago. A friend and I already replaced almost all the pipes under the house—about 90% of them. I'm thinking of opening a bathroom wall and cutting away a chunk of pipe just to replace an elbow.

I don't want to be a plumber; I DO want to use our sinks and toilets without worry.


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Thank goodness I know a few things about plumbing. Another problem this morning that I was able to fix. (Well, that seems fixed.)

I almost feel like signing on for a goddamned apprenticeship, except I'm 40 and my knees would be shot within two years.

Bong Joon Ho has been making fantastic films for a long time and Kang-ho Song has been one of the finest actors in the world for more than two decades.

There's just so much talent out there that rarely gets any attention because it doesn't fit a particular narrative here in the States.

But people are creating amazing and compelling stories everyday.

It's a big whole creative world out there. Sometimes, I think we forget how big it is.

⚠ Warning for predatory behavior 

I'm a bit "too principled" to deserve any support, because I don't have the mental or physical energy to talk with someone new in private who wants to "support me" in exchange for "getting to know me better".

I know what this shit is code for.

Take this warning friends!

Suggesting to my buddy that he set up a secure XMPP server using Prosody. He just got a Pi for pihole and wanted ideas as to what else it could do. 😸

asking 4 recs, :boost_ok: 

Hi! Every month on our stream I curate a list of short, interesting indie games from, Game Jolt or similar for my wife to play, sight unseen. If you have suggestions, or are yourself a games maker who'd like us to play your stuff, please fling a DM at me!

You can check out old Press Any Key eps:

Note: Suggesting a game is not a guarantee it'll be played right away, or at all, but I'll absolutely have a look at it.



Where do these Netflix series keep finding all these hot, redheaded women in their early 40s?

Because I'll take three?


Now that plumbing foolery is done, it's margarita time.

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the offer still stands. send me proof that you've called, texted, knocked doors for Bernie and i will write anything you like, record any haha yeah bit you like, write you any haha yeah question you like. Sel Rewards ™️ are now available!

I think I got the toilet fixed again, better. Previous time was apparently not great. The older son came and was a big, strong boi for us, helped us seat the toilet effectively atop its new seal.

Cross fingers for us, just in case!

Locke & Key, ep 2 (spoiler) 

For those not great at recognizing minor celebrities (or faces in general), he plays the clerk at the hardware store.

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Locke & Key, ep 2 

I had to actually stop Netflix's "next episode" and watch the credits to be sure, which isn't an easy task. It's not (yet) listed on his wiki or IMDb.

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Locke & Key, ep 2 

I was tickled to see Tom Savini make a cameo in a story where a whole club is named after him. 😺

Ate at a black-owned vegan place tonight. It was good.

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