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I'm going to see my friends and deliver a lot of ice to people next weekend.

Gotta head to the bus soon.

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

@thraeryn Being the first person in my family to attend, and graduate from, college.

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

@thraeryn Moving out of state to escape the direct influence of a toxic relationship. It was the first really big thing I'd done on my own initiative and for my own benefit.

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

Oddly, I don't feel I've done much in my life.

I'm raising a son as best I can. I'm showing love to my partners as best I can.

I did organize a four-day camping festival several years back, one that continues to this day.

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"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

I'll be away for a little while, so the questions may drop off for a week. I'll try to get here and post some new ones when I can!

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Getting myself ready for Austin. At the end of the week, we're going camping; the stuff I'm bringing on the bus this time is VERY STRANGE.

I'm travel-packing worried a little right now, but only so much. I can bring almost nothing.

When scheduling your day, never forget to account for the time between the things you plan to do.

Don't forget time to walk across the house, time to cool down, time to catch your breath, time to refill your coffee, time to use the toilet, time to get dressed/change clothes, time to stare into space trying to remember what you're doing, time to pet your cat, etc etc.

I did not get enough sleep last night, I feel.

Gotta get myself together for another trip.

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

@thraeryn My complete inability to answer this is a large part of why I’ve never actually done karaoke.

FUCK, where are my people? Who's on top of Part 3? I need someone to share feelings with! 😭

Yeah, okay. I just laid down $2 to watch part 3 of Terrace House from a Japanese VPN.

I have this recurring experience online:

A topic is discussed. Someone in the discussion considers it contentious because $detail. Others argue that the general merits outweigh distaste over $detail.

I chime in pretty calmly stating that $detail probably isn't a concern at all because $reasons.

Both sides ignore me.

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

Bartender by Lady Antebellum.

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

@thraeryn I like golden oldies such as Anarchy in the UK.


I think about all that we've learned about corvids and octopi, and they're damned intelligent animals. Both seem ripe for domestication,

and humanity doesn't really do that anymore. We have machines, and we have people struggling to get by who'll do pretty much anything a machine can't quite.

We love dogs. We love cats. We can't really imagine life without them. But it takes an entire society's efforts to make animals change.

They're so ready, though. I think we are, too.

local issues 

Houston METRO is considering eliminating fares for its bus and rail services. (Fares only account for 11% of METRO's current revenue.) If they actually made all rides free, they'd be the largest city in the US to do so.

I'm all for this idea.

Every commenter on the news article, of course, is a classist piece of trash that wouldn't be caught dead on a bus anyway. 🙄

death mention, but absurd 

I get super happy every time I remember that both my partners know I want them to hire a mime for my funeral.

Here's a whole-ass thread on it:

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

@thraeryn I can't sing for shit so I'd do Defying Gravity AND sing both parts.

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

I have a whole list of staples because I really enjoy karaoke.

I like to start the night with something energetic (maybe some Eve 6 or Judas Priest), and I like to end the night on "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue or "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore" by Elton John.

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