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Part of why we say "solidarity not charity" is because the way charity is typically presented gives moral superiority to the givers - and often, moral inferiority to the receivers (or sometimes "takers," if they decide to be particularly transparent about it)

Truisms like "it is better to give than to receive" implicitly contain "it is wrong to receive help." It's wrong to ask for the support you need, to want it, even to accept it when offered. Panhandling, for instance, is often portrayed not just as shameful, but immoral - even greedy

Solidarity, and especially mutual aid, are meant to reject that dichotomy. Everyone at Food Not Bombs eats together, volunteers and otherwise, and talks to each other. Our Free Store puts "it's free because it's yours" all over its reading material - it's not a gift, not a blessing, not charity. And that makes *such* a big difference

If, uh, anyone has any thoughts, feel free to share.

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Anti-fascists in Austin are working this month in a unified spirit against the corrosive and hateful ideology of racism, white nationalism and bigotry. #antifascistdaysofunity #AllOutATX #ATX #ACLFest #AustinTX #antifascist #antifa #aclfest2019

The joy of owning a cat where you step on a lump in a dark room and have to wonder if it's a bodily excretion or simply one of those catnip mice that occasionally reappear after a few months.

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Y'all, it's spelled


new rule: no more gritty reboots unless they actually feature gritty playing the main role

Wow. I didn't expect cleaning and oiling my x-axis rods to quiet my 3d printer this much.

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Brian from Double Ferrari/Bit Brigade is a cool dude.

A'ight, I got to the venue and I'm gonna see Bit Brigade in a li'l while. 🤘🏼

I'm proud of my kid. I had to flash explain exponents to him to do some order of operations problems, and he picked it right up. Like, he still wants to write it & see it visually; he's writing down the correct stuff. 💪🏼

There we go. He liked the design, and I got it all worked out. Printing a test.

See. Where is the blackface levels of outrage? Wheres the cancel culture on this?

He wanted me to combine two ideas, and I think I did so pretty well. Used a bit of artistic license to give half of the idea a very small twist; I feel it fits the other half well.

The question, of course, is if he'll agree.

Got paid for one 3D commission, working on the design for the second. Just sent an initial idea to the guy; hope he likes it. :kirby:

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