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*goes to watch "The Chef Show"*

*two initial guests are Gwyneth Paltrow & Bill Burr*

"Ah, fuck. There goes THAT idea."

After neo-Nazi organizer, podcaster + predatory real-estate agent who marched in Charlottesvllle was outed in #Houston, antifascists organized a rally outside his home in a rapidly gentrifying multi-racial neighborhood to catch his neighbors up to speed.

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Maybe we should stop listening to anything Twitter is shouting about.

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I've always felt there was a light shining on me. Sometimes I feel I have to work to keep it there, but that "work" is opening up to my nature, letting the me I want to see in the mirror actually come through.

It is more than okay to be a complete mountain of yourself, to let the sunlight shine on your faces, and to make others climb to see things from your perspective. Offer an easy path when you like, but don't crush yourself into being less than you are just so others can relate.

🎶 Got a light, shines on me
If you wanna touch flame, come unto me 🎶

Dear stranger speaking sotto voce to his friend:

If you hate that my legs aren’t shaved, just wait until you encounter my personality

Dear reviewer: why do you assume that because a writer is a woman the book ought to have romance?

Found it! "Daybreakers". It might not be exactly the plot I described, but it's the right world/setting.

Hey, what's that movie where all of society are vampires and someone decided to bring it all down?

What do you good people think of a decision/flippin' coin with medieval symbols of key on one side and sword on the other?

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