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Mobilizon : let’s finance a software to free our events from Facebook ! #Framablog #TootOuRien

We have less than 60 days to finance Mobilizon. Less than 60 days to promote our project of a free and federated alternative to Facebook events ; and to know how much we need to invest ourselves in it.

Change the software of the people who change the world?
From climate walks on …

France's largest free software organisation @Framasoft has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for an open federated events tool, Mobilizon:

Mobilizon would replace Facebook Events and similar closed services.

It would use ActivityPub, so people would be able to organise events on the Fediverse.

You can also follow its Mastodon account here:


#Mobilizon #DeleteFacebook #Events #Alternatives #Fediverse

Three friends attending WrestleCircus:
First time: 19 Feb 2017
Last night: 12 May 2019

It was great to attend the return show with our original trio from our first show. Great night, too. (selfie, ec)

Hoo, boy. I left for three days & came back to many unusual responsibilities.

Makes me glad my room is tidy. It's an even nicer retreat than before.

I feel like many people would have enjoyed the wrestling stream I linked last night more than the latest episode of Popular Show.

Rode several buses through Austin, then through Houston. Home safe, travel stuff (mostly) put away; time to relax.

Waiting for a bus to take me to the bus to take me back to . It was a good weekend. I wish I could stay.

It's intermission now—perfect time to tune in and see the top half of the card! IT'S FREE.

Stream might not start for another 15. SCU, Sami Callihan, Orange Cassidy, Sammy Guevara, and Joey Janela are on the card.

Stream is free!


Made it to Austin. Rode one of their city buses for the first time. (selfie, no ec, boosts 👍🏼)

Looks like the buses are running. I'm at the station and I should be fine.

weather, nerves (-) 

Well. I have a fairly tidy room, a mostly packed bag for my trip tomorrow, and a cat on my lap.

Not bad.

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