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I really, -REALLY- wish I could channel my creativity. It's always such a ping-pong affair; for five days, I will be ALL ABOUT MAKING MASKS. The sixth day, I am a dullard whose most creative thought is switching from one show on Netflix to another, unrelated show.

I need to write down everything even resembling a joke that my brain produces in the next few days, and maybe I can get fifteen minutes of stuff to swap out around town for the next couple of months.

Okay. I got that down. It takes up a small page in a sorta notebook/sketchbook. I can actually come back to it tomorrow.


I'll have to run it by some folks and time it, see if I can take it out somewhere.

Goddamn, that was incredibly random. I suppose most inspiration is, but fuck.

Shit. I'm coming up with a stand-up routine. Right now.

I hate this about my brain. It's a quarter after one in the morning, I'm tipsy, and I have to find a notebook RIGHT NOW to at least get reminders down so I can attempt to come back in the morning and remember the jokes.

But yeah. I have a couple of minutes.

YouTube showed me a little screenshot of Carrot Top performing recently.

Dude looks like an orange version of the lion from The Jim Henson Hour, with a perm.

Also, I wish he never got swole. He went from this skinny, awkward ginger kid to a guy who looks like he and his shitty thrash band want to beat me up.

I'm amused by Hulu's asking me to allow ads.

You used to be free, Hulu. I watched ads then.

Now, there's not a thing worth watching that's not behind your paywall. If that money isn't enough to cover costs, up your price.

knife + electrical tape = refurbished data/charging cord for phone ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

It's a tiny thing; today, I'll take tiny victories.

family illness 

family illness 

family illness 

family illness 

family illness 

Did some dishes, ate a little lunch. Beeper really wants to go out later, and I hope we can. Gotta catch S. to set up the schedule for the coming week.

Oh hey cool, polls display regardless of CW, that's a thoughtful implementation of the feature.

With all the talk of black holes lately, my mind generated a new insult:

"accretion dick"
Usage: "That guy's a real accretion dick."

Well. If being awake now is what an early bedtime gets me, I need to reconsider.

"Where's that referee?! He was tryin' to FUCK on me!"

Having fun playing 2. I hesitate to recommend it to anyone, though, because a lot of Android users say it hits their phones with intrusive ads. I have pihole on my home network, so I haven't seen an ad yet. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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