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There's one on Thingiverse very much like this one that I used for design inspiration. There was an issue with it, though:

It was designed to ONLY fit hate chicken sauces.

No, thanks. My design is better.

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I made a thing to hold one's fast food sauces when one needs to eat while driving.

✅ get myself a Coke
✅ "Oh, the cats need water"
✅ set Coke on table
✅ refill cat water fountain
✅ cats knocked over Coke
✅ :fire_angry: 😠 😡 🔥 📢

I enjoyed Captain Marvel. The music was well-chosen, though I wasn't as into it as others were–personal taste. There were several "hell yes" moments, and one where I clapped pretty loudly. A lot of the humor, to me, came from unexpected angles. Good movie.

The cup of a Whataburger ketchup is approximately 47 mm long by 34 mm wide at its widest points. (There's some sloping.) It is about 22 mm high/deep.

Wooooow. Ain't had one of these in a dog's age. Thanks, Fusion 360!

Uh. So. Anyone have a Whataburger, Wendy's, or McDonald's bbq sauce cup hanging around and can get me its dimensions in mm?

Mikhael Yakob Moskevitz left behind so much family heritage when he came to the US.

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Watched "Scrooged" tonight with C. via phone. First time I'd seen it. It's funny, and Carol Kane (as expected) was a delight. Bill Murray, as a jerk who cares little for anyone but himself, is in a "bread and butter" role. I wonder why I never watched it.

I worked for a domain name registrar for several years on front line support and I'm here to tell you never to register a domain with a hyphen in it unless you really love saying "hyphen" a lot.

There's a pub less than a mile from my parents' house.

They've never walked there. I've never been there at all.

My cousin and his wife were staying and wanted to try it, so on Saturday we walked there. Only to realise when it was a few yards away that we were separated from it by a thunderingly busy road and to get there safely we'd have to go a long way round through multiple pedestrian crossings.

My cousin and his wife couldn't be bothered going that far out of their way when the pub was RIGHT THERE, so they dashed across and narrowly missed being hit by a lorry. I waited ages to follow safely and then narrowly missed being hit by a different lorry.

This is car culture. When short distances are judged to be unwalkable because of the threat of traffic.


Sun thank you for coming back to us please don't ever leave us again

tired: nuclear power is dangerous, look at the accidents
wired: nuclear power accidents get a ton of press, but they are very uncommon when you look at how many reactors have gone through their entire service lives and never seen trouble
inspired: nuclear power could fail catastrophically once a week and it would still kill fewer people and damage the environment far less than our current fossil fuel power infrastructure does without any accidents at all

Safer Sex for the Non-Monogamous is Available for Pre-Order! (sort of)
#polyamory #books

Best print quality I've ever had on this design. I'll have to keep these slicer settings.

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