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They also signed joshi wrestler Yuka Sakazaki, who I don't know yet. Doesn't matter, because I DO know that JOSHI WRESTLERS ARE HARD AS NAILS

AEW revealed some super signings tonight. Among them, Aja Kong will be at Double or Nothing.

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Whew. I just completed an ugly cleaning task.

I hope things stay clean for a day. Maybe two days; that'd be excellent.

"VPNs make your internet browsing more secure."

I find myself disagreeing with this statement more and more every day.

I also find it to be 'not entirely true' when you think of the privacy aspect considering how your browser is still being tracked left, right, and center with all sorts of tracking methods from canvas to cookies, to fucking ROOT CAs at this point.


Every time a white boy wants to be edgy or punk or metal, he decides to hate black people and Jewish people and women and trans folks and tbh you're not edgy or punk or metal, you're a weak chickenshit grasping as straws to make yourself feel important. 🤷🏽

Every time I watch one YouTube opinion on death metal or black metal, I get 30 recommended videos defending Hitler and I need you white fans to collect your brethren.

I discovered last night that I can bring a pretty solid rendition of "Home Sweet Home". That was nice.

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george washington:
- oversaw a bourgeois coup
- massive fucking racist
- personally put down worker rebellions

George Washington Carver :
- the first black man to obtain a masters of science from Iowa State University
- developed and implemented methods of crop rotation to reverse soil depletion caused by repeated cotton planting
- developed literally hundreds of uses for peanuts and sweet potatoes

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So, karaoke got CROWDED.

is having some of its first really warm weather of the year, and it didn't rain tonight. People were out downtown, and they stopped by.

I was all but propositioned by an inebriated women. Sweet and affirming, and nah.

The songs were good. The reactions to the songs were good. The night was good.

I never thought, when I joined this corner of the Fediverse, that I'd be surrounded by sooooo many gorgeous and kind people, and even less that a lot of them are also enbies, polyamorous, pan and all the things I'm used to have to hide because I'm usually "the only gay in the village" but (*spoilers ahead!*) just like in the TVshow I just referenced, I am not alone! :blobaww:

Thank you for being here and for sharing so openly! :blobblush: :blobheart:

Taking a social clowning masterclass this weekend. Ironically, I expect to end up fried and antisocial afterwards on account of using that muscle so much.


Karaoke with all my favorite Wednesday people!

It's funny how the decent singers tend to become regulars, and the regulars get acquainted, and every regular night gains a karaoke kadre. I'm pretty sure it happens at every establishment that commits to one night a week.

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