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Also, I'm glad everyone loves Rootin' Tootin'. They love you right back.

🔲 Post up all that porn you're sad over losing (if your instance allows it, attributed, behind a CW, with an image description)

I'll be glad when, a week or so from now, all the new folks are a bit settled and more into how things happen here. It's weird having these temporary growing pains every 4-6 months.

✅ CW your posts
✅ CW your selfies
✅ Add image descriptions
✅ Be kind
🔲 Act like you're in a new house & maybe take your cues from folks who live there

this is the second time in a week I have posted about needing food and people @ me with jokes

please stop joking @ poor people about needing food

why is this a thing?

I should clarify the content policy on

✅ Your art
✅ Art you commissioned
✅ Your personal updates
🚫 Uncredited picture dumps

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I wonder why more people don't want me as an occasional snuggle partner. I'm sure there are some decent reasons, and some that I'd find frustrating but wouldn't or couldn't change. I always feel there are a few, though, that might be misconceptions I could disprove, or small stuff I'd be willing to tackle.

I'm Thraeryn, the embodiment of RED. I read a lot of books, watch a fair amount of TV, cook a bunch, and don't catch as much as I used to. I'm , cishet, friendly, and hopefully not a huge asshole.

Also, I'm the admin of If you ever feel lost in the shuffle or overloaded by your instance's fed timeline, you're almost certainly welcome here.

An for new folks:

Rootin' Tootin' is the unofficial mascot of shitposts. Here they are, searching through the trash—look! They have one under their li'l paw! Aw!

Inspired by a convo with @djsundog, illustrated by @extinct (though you're welcome to draw your own interpretation).

It's time again for Endless Jingling, the random carol generator I made a few years back and for which I am unquestionably going to hell.

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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I'm really sorry for the nature of that last toot, friends.

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Sorry, I'm House Thraeryn, and the Sorting Hat would have died screaming as it sat atop my head.

Back at my house now. I saw an utterly forgettable fo' fwee, I sang some songs at karaoke, I saw a fair handful of friends, and now I'm'a sleeeeeeeeeep.

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