One Does Not Simply Move Into Canada, I shouldn't have to tell people this 

@Aradia Just an addendum for any US citizens/residents considering the same thing but for Canada, because I know of multiple cases of this happening:

One does not simply move into Canada. You cannot just crash with people in Canada and figure it out as you go along. This will not work. You need, like, a job lined up, or sponsorship, or whatever. Even if you are a refugee in a life-or-death situation and the US is too dangerous for you, Canada will still send you back. Here is some introductory reading.

Canada has right-wing extremists too. Many parts of Canada are extremely conservative and xenophobic. We are the country most similar to the US in the entire world and you cannot outrun deep-rooted systemic problems by moving here.

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The after-math session actually went really well. My partner, Jinya, pointed out that our son might be perfectly fine with more hands-off methods, so long as I was there to assist.

She was right. A lot of what he needs is for me to read longer passages, give them pauses and inflection, so his brain isn't trying to handle both symbol processing and language processing.

I can do that. He can likely get that for the actual test, too.

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We got through a segment. We did the practice questions & discussed the answers. We had a break. We did a quick question/exercise that I wrote on the fly.

And now we're gonna take a longer break so he can nap. We'll resume after math class. I have my concerns about trying to work after math; it's early days, so we'll give it a shot.

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This is the first day my (soon to be 18) son and I are working together in his GED prep book.

There's no rhythm yet, no best practices, but he knows what DIDN'T work in prior classes. We're kinda starting there: trying to avoid those things, maybe skew to their opposites.

I do hope we find habits, methods, and practices that work for both of us. 🤞

@moviemorgz I think, for a lot of people, knowing that you already thought about it counts for a lot.

If you do some napkin math—figure out how long you expect them to be around each day, pair that with a rate, and suggest that (briefly) explained rate the next time you chat—they'll accept. They offered; you provided an expectation of time & what you'd pay for the time. They get to respond without having to do that stuff themselves.

tl;dr: Math first makes talk better 👍

of the dozens of people who have been arrested recently, only a few out-of-state 20-somethings have been leaked by the police media apparatus so far. they're trying to construct an "outside agitators" narrative, as usual. but the fight to defend the only truly forested city in the country from deforestation, and prevent the construction of the largest cop training facility in the country, is one everyone has a vested interest in.

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anyways. stop cop city, defend the atlanta forest, fuck the police and all those who believe their lies

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@thegibson Wow. That is a HEAVY after-market mod for a perpetually skint 'runner

Went to karaoke last night. It was at a place I used to frequent, which was kinda nice.

I was with a group of folks. I knew two of them. Everyone else either went to school or worked together for several years.

It seemed I was on top of my game? I was able to participate in conversations; I joked; the one song I sang went pretty well. I didn't dominate conversations; I complimented people.

I don't think I've felt as socially capable in some time.

(your secret skin will smell of me.
your secret skin can't hide your name.)

That is a legit quote from SOME interview or recording. He says it, uninterrupted, in an audio clip featured in "The Last Five Years".

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"I mean, what a disappointing 21st century this has been so far, you know?"

- David Bowie

Is Gail Ann Dorsey on the Fediverse? I wish to heap praise upon her if she is. That woman is a sterling musician, and deserves every flower she might want.

Our house of neurodivergent people has found a thing useful: when approaching someone and not sure if they are in a conversational headspace, just say “engage?” as in is it ok to engage with you now, no problem either way just nod or shake head or say no. It’s minimal interruption and there’s no judgement either way.

@scoots Having a room that's really comfy

Comfy furniture, comfy temp, comfy curtains, comfy paint color on the walls

I walk in and think, "Hell yeah, it's my room"

what are some of your favorite "self care" things

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