Wandavision (moderate but vague spoilers) 

@z They totally tip their hand, though. You're right about that. It's part of why I'm mystified by their reactions.

Wandavision (moderate but vague spoilers) 

@z But honestly, if you're watching without making that additional thought step—from "this is not right in the viewer's world" to "this is not right in the characters' world"—then it's just a mediocre throwback with Lynchian weirdness, and seems like a shit decision from the studio

Wandavision (moderate but vague spoilers) 

@z One of my buddies said he fast-forwarded the first ep.

I did tell him that there are maybe two "bigger story" moments in that one, and that he likely missed them.

Wandavision (moderate but vague spoilers) 

@z I mean, I think they are.

I think they're just not realizing that the questions they're asking—why is it this, what's up with that, how did that happen—are also the questions the characters are eventually meant to ask.

No, it doesn't make sense. That's the first larger element, y'all.

Wandavision (no? light? spoilers) 

A couple of folks I know are acting like they don't get the show.

I have no idea whether they're missing that there's a larger narrative, or are unwilling to give that bigger story a chance if it happens inside a "Bewitched" pastiche.


I don't even eat sugar that often, but I just love everything about sugar glass. Love the optics of eating it, love offering it to my friends, love that (with a desiccant pouch in the bag) it keeps almost forever.

I REALLY should've put some citric acid in this last batch, because I have some; I just didn't think of it. Would've been even tastier.

Actually, I should write it in my recipe book.

(I muted my mic while eating because the sound of crunching sugar glass is kind of a lot)

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I was appropriately red, and I did eat a shard of sugar glass on cam while I was there, so maybe I made some sort of impression

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I was just on a Zoom call for my friend's birthday.

Oof. Only knew my friend, everyone was talking over each other, etc.

I did stay longer than I expected? And I don't believe anyone noticed I left, so 🤷🏼‍♂️


I love them as a team, I always want more Sonny on my screen, and I want more Joey & Sonny time on Dynamite!

Y'all should watch this again, I'm a sucker for odd couple tag teams that work better than they have any right to.

CW for like, goofy wrestle violence, moment that looks like it's gonna be transphobic/queerphobic but isn't (I don't think they meant it to come across that way)

1) Linux Mint has a new packaged app that plays IPTV channels.
2) One of the providers has an AFV channel.
3) It's like YouTube is playing every fail video at us, forever and ever.
4) I think this is how the world ends.

That was good wrestling.

I had Kangaroo here, I had someone watching on stream, and we all enjoyed some top-tier athleticism & storytelling.

I'll be around for more next Wednesday.

I'm ecstatic that my cutie sweetheart, Abadon, will get a shot at the AEW Women's Championship.

Just look at that adorable woman! ❤️

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I'm still streaming wrestling tonight.

I don't want to develop an ulcer watching the fucking nation break down. I'm going to be kind to myself and watch something that will make me happy.

I start in about 20 minutes.


Hey, buddies. I'm gonna watch some wrestling tonight. I'll stream it, too, so you can watch with me.

Show starts at 7 PM Central; I'll start streaming around 6:30. You can join me at live.thraeryn.net

(photo features lots of eye contact)

Boost if you've ever texted on a flip phone

Owncast & Certbot 

(For immediate purposes, I had certbot generate standalone keys.)

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Owncast & Certbot 


There's no tutorial on adding certbot-generated keys to Owncast. Can I get
🔲 some quick directions?
🔲 a contributor to maybe add one?

I'm really enjoying using Owncast so far!

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