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Now I want to somehow see Britt Baker steal the Butcher away. It will stink, but I want it. Also Leva can be candlestick maker. It fits as well as librarian does. 🙄


Is the Butcher angry because everyone else has a mask, or because his team with Baker & Candlestick-Maker really had legs until some unfortunate injuries?

Huh. I started watching "6 Underground", but I wasn't paying a ton of attention, so I stopped. Those first 20 minutes or so want ALL of your attention. All of it. Every attention.

Hoo, buddy! Everyone else just left the house and I'm gonna chill out and try to stop being in a constant state of stress 👍🏼💪🏼

I really appreciate y'all. seriously. this is a nice little cyber home for me and I'm so grateful each one of you is part of it, even if we don't interact a bunch. :blobsnuggle:

Parenting a toddler, TV 

Also also, the theater don't have "Altered Carbon" and eighty-five nude body doubles of Dichen Lachman 🤤


Lots of folks claim it's for adding Oxygen, and to them I say: What the fuck does my body care about Oprah and her Lifetime rip-off?

I'm glad I spent the night in. This is beyond comfy. Psure the theater would've been chilly, and their recliners don't rock.

Also, 'spensive


"Neither do I 'cause angels are fictional beings with a hundred eyes and wing-a-lings of fire an' not a whole lotta 'head' mentioned. . . . "

I expect this would be highly frowned upon at Local Movie Theater.

suggestive-ish, almost, ish 


Fake Russia seems like it'd border China, and have enough influence from Europe to fit.


I will always love "Rogue One" because, in my memory at least, they say those words more than in any other movie. "Rogue One" brings The End in a big way. ❤️



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