I think it's shit-tons easier to think about the trouble ahead and plan for that. :fire_laughing: "Ugh, I know they're gonna use this to do some shit. I best have something to say about it."

I had one, a clone of a popular design that looked a bit like a hammer and a pipe had a steel baby.

It took an 18350 battery instead of an 18650, and its mechanical nature required a button spring that failed quickly with regular use.

Now, few mechanical mods are made, and between chip, button, and battery placement, few consider a horizontal mod/base.

I bet I could buy a bunch of originals on clearance.

There was once a woman who tried to cool herself to absolute zero Show more

Home from a good weekend. Glad to be back in this familiar space, as lovely as my familiar spaces in Austin are.

I'm lucky to be able to spend time in both cities with loved ones.

Poppy played a great mix of songs with a full band, including a decent cover of "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2". Great show. :fire_friendly:

Bois, it's past time to silence mastodon.social 'round these parts.

It is. I hope everyone pulls their head out of the respective ass in which it's buried.

Opener, Laurie Allen Bryan(t?), was really good. Better than I anticipated from her first big single on YouTube.

I appreciate that! Thankfully, they were engaged in their own genuine worship, not taking a single element from they know not which tradition and turning it into a simple-minded personality marker!

There! I did the dishes, emptied cat litter, showered, and largely packed my bag.

, I'm coming.

Are you interested in dipping a toe into wrestling, but wish it were more Rainbow-y?

Next Friday (the 22nd) Hoodslam Pro is running their annual Femmed Out! drag/burlesque wrestling event. We hosted it last year on our twitch channel as a kind of 'safe space', and it was a lot of fun, so we're absolutely doing it again this year!

It's a one-night event, so there won't be storylines to know going in, just great wrestling and fantastic costumes!

It starts 11PM CST, and we'd love you to join us!

"Shred guitarist and cat-lover Mrs. Smith delivers a heavy metal ode to public television personality Bob Ross and happy little trees everywhere."

Wanna see a drag shred guitarist? Well, here's one right here.


One side of my neck seized up during my yoga today. Last night, I experienced some serious allergy symptoms; I'm getting some of them back this morning.

I'll be something of a wreck when I see my kitten this weekend. :fire_sad:

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