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✅ Correctly guess the fursona someone is complaining about drawing for themselves

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Aries Crew:


Our house
It is made of mud and peat
Our house
Smells like whiskey taken neat

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In my case, at least, the perception was that public testing was hard to get, that available tests were few, and that I might wait weeks to schedule a time for a guaranteed test.

Some of those things are likely still true for the uninsured who rely on government-offered, no-cost testing.

If you are at all insured, or can swing the cost of a traffic ticket, it's not like that. There are tests out there.

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I discovered something recently, and it really helped me out.

Many, many of those suburban, doc-in-a-box places? They have covid-19 tests that are fully covered under most insurance.

I'm not insured; I paid $175 for mine.

For that $175, I got a same-day appointment (scheduled online), with in-car, curbside antigen testing and a 15-minute turn-around on results delivered, again, to my car.

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I'm glad my skin is basically healed--it is--because this whole "sweating the skin cream back out" thing that happens every time I spend five minutes without A/C? It's disgusting.

more people died in july here than in the previous 4 months combined because Abbott made the state reopen too early.

cool, right?

Oh, no, I COULD add more absurdity: maybe put a dot of nail polish on there so it's easily identified.

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A friend asked what they should put in the medicine cabinet of their half-bath, and people started offering silly suggestions. Mine?

Fake rock with a spare key.

I think I win.

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Bike daddies and hog mamas are, right now, cramming their unmasked, city-sized population into the town-sized box of Sturgis, South Dakota.


Yeah, afaik, RTIC either still has a warehouse of stock over here or is still getting its shipments from China, so they'll mail you one

@revolverocelot I carry around an RTIC 40-oz. that IS double-wall steel, isn't terribly heavy, aaaaaaand doesn't fit any cupholders 🙄

@revolverocelot but AliExpress likely got a pallet of 25 they'll sell you for $20-30

@revolverocelot Ahhhhh

In that case, you're likely looking at a PETG plastic bottle. I don't mess with those as they don't often come double-wall-vacuum.

@revolverocelot I mean, water is fairly heavy.

The fridge jugs at HEB aren't bad. I don't recall how big they are (1.75 gal?) but they have a handle atop, dispenser at bottom. Actually rectangular, so they actually pack, stack, etc.

If you're thinking like, 25 gal, I have no idea. That shit all comes in barrels.


The five most useful knives in my drawer? Gonna call it $25 total. (All the same knife, though. 😹 I love that Thai-style, 5-6" blade. Incredibly versatile.)

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I'm not paying more than $60 for a set of five kitchen knives. That is the upper bound, and they'd better come with an accessory.

Expensive knives just mean maybe less sharpening time. MAYBE.


Y'know when you're enjoying a day on the water, you've applied sunscreen, you think it's well absorbed & well dried,

and then you sweat a bunch and it reconstitutes?

I just had that with the steroid cream I'm using, except I was emptying cat boxes instead of enjoying some fun in the sun.

@Eden @RussSharek

✅ When you're trying to create burr during the coarse sharpening, the burr faces up. When you're trying to remove burr during the fine sharpening, the burr faces down.

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