That One Friend 🙄 

. . . Just—ugh, either keep your ideas to yourself or, y'know, look into what I'm talking about just a tiny bit, y'know? Your desire to move there doesn't mean it's a good, or even an acceptable, fit for others.

*cough*white women*ahurrrrrummm*

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That One Friend 🙄 

One of my friends suggested we consider moving with my gay, trans son to Belize.

A quick wiki search yielded:

police brutality 

Friendly reminder, breonna Taylor’s murders are being offered book deals. This fight has yet to start.

Talking about cities in New Mexico with my son:

I: Like Santa Fe, or Albuquerque-
He: Albuquerque 😀
I: We might even stay at the World Famous Albuquerque Holiday Inn, where the towels are oh so fluffy, and you can eat your soup right outta the ashtrays if you wanna!
Both: It's okay, they're clean!

I can't be fucking things up TOO badly.

celebrity passing 

Jim Steinman is gone.

Between the songs he wrote and the songs he inspired, he touched my life in so many ways.

He wrote well about being young, reckless, and in love; he wrote about re-finding love and remembering hope.

Hard news on a hard day.

trans legislation, hard family decisions 

I'm certainly the candidate for moving. I'm used to it. The other adults have jobs, and I don't. I could likely tell the local burner community my situation and find a bit of easy social net. I'm used to living on a hard budget. It might only be for a couple of years.

And 😳🤷🏼‍♂️

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trans legislation, hard family decisions 

So, my partner posed to me that if Texas does make us felons for giving our son hormone treatment,

it might be easier to move half the family instead of all of us, with my son and I getting a condo somewhere like Vegas or Albuquerque.

That's a kick in the pants.

Altered Parable of the Prodigal Son 

Now THAT'S a tale boiled down to its bones, that is.

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Altered Parable of the Prodigal Son 

When he comes crawling back, Dad's not mad, but you'd better believe big bro resents the hugs and the rager Dad throws. Ol' Dutiful Dan asks his dad why, and Best Dad replies: "You were always with me, and what I have is yours; but your brother was lost, and now he is found."

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Altered Parable of the Prodigal Son 

In the Book of Luke, the Parable of the Prodigal son describes someone you might recognize: a young son who asks for his inheritance early, then parties 'til he's as broke as that iPhone that "slipped" into your toilet.

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Rewrote/condensed the Parable of the Prodigal Son tonight,

for a party invite

bc after caring for my household, planning parties is my second-biggest form of productivity

Yay I successfully resized my Mint partition. Now maybe my Plex transcodes won't eat all the diskspace in /tmp.

Exercise + diet = naps. I just run out of energy. Even post-nap, I'm dragging aaaaassssssss.

If your business cannot afford to pay a living wage to all your employees, your business has no right to exist.

Sick and tired of people using the plight of "small business owners" as an excuse to continue fucking over the poor

I am up early to take my car for service. (There are bigger issues than the simple stuff I did the other day.)

I didn't get enough sleep. Was up later than planned reading Ada Palmer.

I have a feeling I'll return to bed later.

My buddy's having a red-themed party soon that he wants me and a couple of friends to help curate, and now I have ideas. 💪🏼

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