Last night's AEW Dynamite was an amazing show for many reasons,

including THIS MAN, who once performed in *North Carolina*! 🀣

(eye contact)

Candy corn.

Sugar and edible wax.

Why, that sounds very much like a honeycomb, hm?



In conclusion,

βœ… My dad was a really lazy cook
βœ… I didn't eat much really GOOD food until maybe my second live-in relationship
βœ… Thank fuck for real chefs on the 'net making fine recipes as accessible as they do

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Still amazing. Finished that plate, had to get a second.

It's everything my dad ever wanted a slow cooker stew to be, that such a thing never could be bc
βœ… lack of pre-cook browning
βœ… stew instead of braising
βœ… friggin' slow cooker
βœ… trying to keep the veggies from the mirepoix around like they're worth anything
βœ… potatoes πŸ™„ (I made mashed as a side rather than try to shove 'em in this)

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food, biology 

And now I think it's time to enter a food coma

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Okay, dinner was amazing.

The braised boneless short rib was wonderful, especially with the jus

The garlic mashed potatoes were my first from scratch and near perfect

The green beans weren't special, but were quite solid

and everyone was very pleased ❀️

Learning about the Scottish English word "outwith" has led me down some weird wonderment paths. #Linguistics friends, especially Scottish ones: It "outwith" just a synonym for "outside"? What part of speech is "outside" in phrases like "outside of it"? Do (other?) prepositions take prepositions like that sometimes?

Please boost.

before I ate, I was in the kitchen saying random strings of letters & numbers as I hurried to prepare some hot dogs :P

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My buddies.

After being reminded of a task I forgot,
dealing with getting an old scanner working with my Linux install,
scanning a bunch of photos,
waiting too long to eat lunch,
and mildly stressing the whole time about what I'll cook tonight,

I am very rickety, and almost a shambles

I'll be so glad to finally have a drink in my hand & ingredients on my cutting board, music filling the kitchen

@diffractie @witchfynder_finder

I'm torn

It's hard to imagine how something ground to a powder and added to sweet would be that objectionable


I hate arachnids, and would flip not just my own, but all the shits around me if I heard a confection was made with them

@witchfynder_finder @stitchandsew

For the Homestar Runner character, see List of Homestar Runner characters § Marzipan. 🀣

@witchfynder_finder @stitchandsew

Yep, (ground) almond (meal) and sugar/honey

which sounds a lot better than I ever imagined the stuff would actually be?

@zigg They're super cute and you're creative with them πŸ€—

I look forward to seeing more

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I do love cooking. It feels like not just having a necessary skill to survive, but one to enjoy that survival.

Also I do it better than my parents, aunts, uncles, etc. which is a nice nose-thumbing πŸ™„

food talk 


I'm really tryin' to get back on the horse after some rough weeks.

Tomorrow is a new thing: braised boneless beef short ribs with a mirepoix that I'll turn into a nice jus, and garlic mashed potatoes

but it's gonna require that I basically don't do shit else the rest of the day


This is my favorite thing this second. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Kitten thinks my feet are the best toys. I can’t even distract her with other toys anymore. This makes it hard to leave the room.

I did it, I made dinner despite the sloth

Time to sloth

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