I don't think I'll come up with any real japes today, but that dream was like a weird-ass jape from my subconscious to the rest of me? It is not good at joke

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weird, dumb dream 

Instance policy on April fools' day 

With pranks especially: the joke should be on YOU, on the thought and time and effort you put into it. You can do something unexpected and make someone laugh, but you have a responsibility to clean up the physical mess and to make damned sure there's no emotional mess.

NOW: see if you can tell a joke.

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Hey, April foolers.

The best jokes don't punch down and don't make people feel bad afterwards.

If you can't get through the joke without making someone sad or pissed or upset, you don't know what humor is.

Having teens in my house to enjoy silliness, play games, help with various tasks, and generally be additional faces instead of only my own in every mirror?

It's good.

(I wouldn't be alone anyway, but right now? Six people in the house is nice. NGL.)

COVID, masks 

Monday: Being The Elite, roll your eyes that they're still putting on RAW
Tuesday: AEW Dark
Wednesday: AEW Dynamite, then maybe five overrun minutes of NXT
Thursday: it's fine, do other stuff
Friday: ugh, Smackdown

wrestling shows keeping time moving in a straight line


Yeah, they release the first half of the bracket for the TNT tournament on AEW Dark tonight, and the second half on Dynamite tomorrow

Anyone have "learn to juggle" on their to-do list for this next month or so? I've been honestly wondering whether having a video call over a platform like jitsi would be any more helpful than just watching any of the many video tutorials out there, and would love to have a few test cases to find out! So I'm offering one on one instruction to the lovely people out here on the fediverse. Just let me know and we'll set up a time!

Huh. Power blinked for a moment.

Really unexpected, given how nice a day it is. We're using less energy on a/c and lights and such.


@thegibson @djsundog

T_G, @RussSharek & @Avalon asserted last night that YOU HAVE A HUMAN HEAD! Which they SAW!

My shock was palpable!


As a dad, raising my child well is one of my primary purposes

Coming up with "jokes" like these is a strong secondary imperative

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