so, yesterday, i put together a list of nazi instances i had blocked. that post has been boosted over 60 times. that's cool, i'm glad i did something useful.

but i can't do that kind of thing if i can't eat. my post about needing money for food has been boosted ten times.

if you appreciate and value the work i put into notifying everyone about where the fash are and you have some money to spare, please pay me.

if you can't give, please always boost.

WrestleCircus was great last night, and C. & I are back on again. I'm pretty happy.

new gab instance warning (, please spread 

I'm going to see some great indie tonight! IT'S WRESTLECIRCUS DAY, BOYS!


Making myself a second ring for my pinky. I will be very spiky.

Okay officially asking for a bit of help. Though I'd have decent housing when I landed in #Portland but only had enough for one night and I got like five days before I am in on. Anything to either or to a housing setup would be dope


Yay! My trans son had a good time at pride. He walked in the parade with his bi mom.

My fix is often good food, which I'm learning to enjoy cooking as well.

This usage was practically an accident: a friend was having trouble with a vape pen, and before really thinking I'd taken three good pulls. Oops.

I'm not the sort to stand in anyone's way; this is just a good reminder for my own future, and a note to take more care.



Ahh, the fun game of "event starts at X; when can I arrive to not be one of the first five people there" blocks (multiple) 

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