I can't even watch it for more than 30 seconds at a time because I'm so happy and I love so much

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I'm going to see some great indie tonight! IT'S WRESTLECIRCUS DAY, BOYS!


All ready to watch Double or Nothing! Signed up for a refundable night of VPN service, bought the show on Fite.tv. Got my dinner, got my drinks, and I'm ready for my !

It is Friday.

Date night with V, and tomorrow is DOUBLE OR NOTHING (as advertised during the NBA finals last night by Marv Albert.)

I am beyond excited that the weekend is finally here. I used up most of my Tim by Tuesday night.

It's intermission now—perfect time to tune in and see the top half of the card! IT'S FREE.

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Kris Wolf retires from today.

A moment of silence for our smiling, singing, dancing, box-smashing, child-fighting, bird-flipping, tasty-meat-eating wolf.

Kris is a goddamned delight.


is fucking cool again.

Not WWE. Other places. Pmuch everywhere else is doing it right, again.

Take a look.


A dive bar by my house has live lucha libre every Sunday.

I'm gonna be there with my friends March 3rd. toot-up. Emiliano's, 210 Broadway St, 77012. 1600 CST.


I was worried that rain might get in the way, but no. There is 100% lucha en vivo hoy.

As best I can tell, a local sports bar about a mile and a half from my house will have live lucha libre at 4 PM today.

That's where I plan to be. I gotta get some singles to throw in the ring.

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