There. VPN subscription is updated. "Double Or Nothing" is purchased via I'm all set for Saturday night.

I didn't pay much attention to until the Monday Night Wars were in swing. I'm certainly aware of the TV that promotions put out before RAW and Nitro put money into higher production values; I never sought it out, though.

Makes it kinda tough to watch NWA Powerrr. The show is in 1080p, and the interstitials look like someone put them together with Video Toaster. I could make the interview set for probably $200.

There MAY be a better call tonight on Dynamite, but so far, that's easily the best commentary of the week

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Cody v. Darby, pt. 3.

I don't know who's going over. Both guys would be a good inaugural TNT Champion. Cody won the last outing, they drew before; this could be Darby's night. Cody has the only win; could be his night.

Their previous matches were good enough that each new one is an "any given night" thing, only three seconds to win.

And that makes for good .

I can't even watch it for more than 30 seconds at a time because I'm so happy and I love so much

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I'm going to see some great indie tonight! IT'S WRESTLECIRCUS DAY, BOYS!


TFW is one of the only things that makes you cry anymore

All ready to watch Double or Nothing! Signed up for a refundable night of VPN service, bought the show on Got my dinner, got my drinks, and I'm ready for my !

It is Friday.

Date night with V, and tomorrow is DOUBLE OR NOTHING (as advertised during the NBA finals last night by Marv Albert.)

I am beyond excited that the weekend is finally here. I used up most of my Tim by Tuesday night.

It's intermission now—perfect time to tune in and see the top half of the card! IT'S FREE.

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Kris Wolf retires from today.

A moment of silence for our smiling, singing, dancing, box-smashing, child-fighting, bird-flipping, tasty-meat-eating wolf.

Kris is a goddamned delight.

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