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graffiti lore:

There's a big "BE SOMEONE" on a train bridge as one enters downtown. When it's defaced, people paint over the alterations and restore it.

There's a graffiti artist in Houston who went by "give up", and he routinely painted those words (in a distinctive serif font) in poignant and apropos places.

People never renewed his art when it was defaced.

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Today, I will play Santa and take a bunch of holiday pictures with doggos.

If you're in , come down to NettBar between noon & 14.00 with a donation for SNAP, enjoy some cool weather, and get a holiday pupper pic.

I return to the seat of my power.

It's good to be back, , but will call me again soon.

I leave for tomorrow, come back at the weekend, play Santa to dogs, spend Christmas in , then back to for NYE.

I hope I'll be up to it all. But what will that even mean? Eh.

Trying to get back in the swing of things at my home. Did some dishes, washed some laundry, made sure we can cook dinner later.

This home is more comfortable for me. I have my own room here, with its red walls and all my things inside. I know how days here go. C's house is more variable; this house runs on rails. I can read for an hour without worrying on what else I might do.

makes me miss basements, and being underground, so much.

I return to . Sadly, I couldn't fix all the broken things on arrival. Gotta work for it as the week progresses.

I'm nearing the end of my week with C. in , and it has been amazing.

Tonight, our ridiculous friends have their first party in the communal mansion they recently rented. It will be bonkers.

Hundreds of people are invited. Many of our friends are making the drive. The house has an indoor pool.


Halestorm - "Black Vultures"

Spot-thing played me this song yesterday as I was hangry and FINALLY riding into downtown . After a long, shitty travel day, it made me feel like I might finally triumph.

Big party week ahead. Vegan picnic last night, Canada Day celebration (in ) tonight, pool party on the 3rd, cookout on the 4th. I gotta Stay Hydrated.

After all that, I'll take a weekend road trip with C. 💕

I'm going to be an exhausted man. I'm tired just contemplating all of it.

I wish I could order a quick-turnaround shirt for the pride parade.
"PROUD partner
PROUD father
PROUD friend"

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I hate Sammy Guevara as a character. Even as a boy.

He's a pretty kind dude, but I drag him like fuck when he's in the ring.

Waiting for a bus to take me to the bus to take me back to . It was a good weekend. I wish I could stay.

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