I want–I almost need–to start a free/low-cost school for physical pen-testing here in ; a hands-on location with enough equipment to allow people to develop skills.

It's too much for me alone, and I don't know that I could round up enough people with time, energy, and intention to see it happen.

Well, summer came to early, bc why wouldn't it 🙄

We got better windows for the whole house over the course of several years, but we could only do that through inheritance. Our house is pier & beam instead of a slab foundation, and good luck finding one of those nowadays! (Our house is OLD.)

We're able to keep it pretty comfortable in here.

I'm at a holiday lights event here in downtown . It's at the swanky hotel with the rooftop lazy river.

Amazing view!

New Texas Pro is a good show so far.

NTP is bringing Daniel Garcia and Lee Moriarty in next month. If you're in and wanna see some solid wrestling on Dec. 18th, lemme know, cuz we goin'

Just bought tickets to another indie wrestling show this Saturday. Was waiting to see if my son was up for it, and he was an immediate "yes". 😅

When I saw that the show was ten minutes from the house, I almost felt I HAD to go. 😄 Apparently is trying to get back on that independent scene.

Where my people?

The Thursday before Halloween, the 26th, I'm gonna put my projector screen together and show "In The Mouth Of Madness". It'll be "bring your own everything", but I have good buddies who like to share. Bring a chair, meet some cool folks, watch a weird film?

I'm just (JUUUUST) outside 610, around Park Place/Gulfgate. Drop me a line. I'd love to have fedi friends roll through. 😀

The rain is already here in my portion of , but this is the trickle before the deluge.

My house will be fine. We were in this house for Harvey, and not once were we concerned that the ground floor would flood. There's no reason to believe a lesser storm would change that.

But buddies, I need the smoke shops to open today so I don't spend the next three or four without nicotine. No one wants that.

Defrosted and reorganized the chest freezer with my son to make room for fresh water jugs. Gave the genny a short trial run.

I doubt we'll get the full force of a gulf storm in this weekend; the household will still be prepared if the power goes out.

selfie, no eye contact 

Took my facial hair off. It's BEEN Mask Season, but with the upswing in cases around the world & here in , it's once again important to maintain seal integrity.

is a little extra sometimes.

Like, there's probably one or two burlesque shows every We, Th, Fr, Sa each week.

I know bc my friends are in 'em and advertising 'em constantly. 🤷🏼‍♂️

help for a friend, boosts 👍🏼 

Shit. My friend, Tico, bought and was repairing a 100-yr-old house in one of 's underprivileged neighborhoods, aiming to turn it into a community center.

He's one of the most genuine "shirt off his back" folks. My house has PVC sewer pipes bc he spent several days under the house with me, only asking we buy him lunch each day.

The winter storm busted all his pipes, ruined his genny, and set him back a lot. Please help: gofund.me/ff86256d

I did my walk, did some push-ups, washed some dishes, ate a lunch, then went out in the heat around noon—yes, I'm a dummy—to pick trash out of our yard.

🎶 Dooooooooone 🎶
🎶 Just incredibly
Dooooooooone 🎶

Well, damn. My phone reminded me that tonight was the night Dynamite was going to be here in .

They'd better reschedule.

I want every fusion cuisine under the goddamned sun. Viet-Cajun. Korean-Mexican. WE FUCKING HAVE IT, because we don't give a FUCK about anything past being down with H-Town.

The very few things doesn't have yet, I'm convinced it'll get. We're hungry to be EVERYTHING.

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So, I'm really looking forward to returning to itself.

I want to participate in the Art Car Parade again.

I want to re-enact Pearl Harbor with my fellow Santas.

I want to see fire spun at basically every party.

I want to get the most absurd, involved balloon animals from my friend, Ben.

I want the sideshows and burlesque. I want people juggling. I want people set aflame.

I want "professional" party crashers doing karaoke in the parking lots of art shows.

I want Houston back.

(The All-Santa Re-Enactment of Pearl Harbor is a yearly institution in .)

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food, alcohol 

I made myself a mock-up of a meal from one of 's local favorites, Connie's Seafood. Fried catfish, fried rice, and some veggie dumplings.

Also, a margarita.

covid-19, sneakiness 

will be under a "stay home" order in 19 minutes.

I joked that if anyone were heading to a hook-up and wanted to dodge a fine, they should keep an unopened something in a grocery bag in their trunk.

(I then pointed out that it was terrible advice and people should stay home.)

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