Halestorm - "Black Vultures"


Spot-thing played me this song yesterday as I was hangry and FINALLY riding into downtown . After a long, shitty travel day, it made me feel like I might finally triumph.

Big party week ahead. Vegan picnic last night, Canada Day celebration (in ) tonight, pool party on the 3rd, cookout on the 4th. I gotta Stay Hydrated.

After all that, I'll take a weekend road trip with C. 💕

I'm going to be an exhausted man. I'm tired just contemplating all of it.

I wish I could order a quick-turnaround shirt for the pride parade.
"PROUD partner
PROUD father
PROUD friend"

online dating 

I hate Sammy Guevara as a character. Even as a boy.

He's a pretty kind dude, but I drag him like fuck when he's in the ring.

Waiting for a bus to take me to the bus to take me back to . It was a good weekend. I wish I could stay.

Home again, home again. is nice; is where it's at.

I had a good weekend, and I wish I could've been here, too. I missed what was likely a great party with a bunch of my friends. My weekend was far lazier, and cool for it, and and and.

Okay. Stage 1 complete.

Stage 2: Drop fur off with friend.

Turns out I'll have to pick the girl up from swim practice this evening, too, so we can all go to an author signing at a "local" bookstore. (It's about an hour away, because that's how and its god-forsaken suburbs are.) I really hope I can keep my energy levels up today.


Going out was not fun. My throat kept producing just enough mucus to be uncomfortable without being enough to really expectorate. My lungs hurt for a bit. :fire_sad:

selfie, sunglasses contact? 

Well, hot damn. Ran into an out-of-town friend at karaoke, shared some fun stories, might do a podcast with his wife about costuming.

This is in a nutshell, and this is why I never want to leave. We have community, even after folks move on to other things. We share ideas and opportunities.

I had a passenger tonight who happens to visit a lot of the places I frequent, knows several of the people I know. I invited her to the first part of my birthday celebrations. She actually put it in her Google Calendar.

is such a tiny town for being the fourth-largest US city (by population.)

is a vacuum, sucking in people from everywhere. For example, one of my friends (hey, @shadowsenator) knows the daughter of my mom's lifelong friend. Mom and my "Aunt" Judy met in Atlanta; they both consider it their hometown. Aunt Judy's daughter, whom I have vague childhood recollections of, probably lives 30 minutes from me.

I think Beeper and I will volunteer at the Food Bank again in March. They do great work, and I'm always happy to be part of it.

$ (+) 


A dive bar by my house has live lucha libre every Sunday.

I'm gonna be there with my friends March 3rd. toot-up. Emiliano's, 210 Broadway St, 77012. 1600 CST.


So, karaoke got CROWDED.

is having some of its first really warm weather of the year, and it didn't rain tonight. People were out downtown, and they stopped by.

I was all but propositioned by an inebriated women. Sweet and affirming, and nah.

The songs were good. The reactions to the songs were good. The night was good.

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