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First version was a bit small—0.3 mm small—but the second version is looking pretty good.

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Let this be a warning: This is the problem with . If you have any issues whatsoever with (im)patience, the lure of designing a real quick something and immediately running it off will be a constant siren call.

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Mm. Had to do some redesign on my latest commission. Some of the lines were too thin. Got the new version running now; I hope it's better. I'd like to get that cash.

I'm glad I went ahead and brought up the second table for my station. If kitty is this curious, it's best she has a place to sit and watch.

Huh. I turned on "ironing" for a print. I'm not sure I like the results. Opinions?

Back at it again. What do you think? Might you wear a charm like this?


I wanted to create a unique ring that had an organic feel to it, and I think I succeeded. Had to learn more about Fusion 360 to do it; learning more is rarely a bad thing. 👍🏼

Well, holy shit. I think I made the thing I want to make.

Time to slice it and see how it turns out.

DANG. The pilot print came out well, and the distances were all a little too small.

Second time's the charm? That's the phrase, right?

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Yay! They're coming out well so far. The real test will be when the legs begin curving. I'm going without supports; we'll see how they come out.

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I designed and am now printing some glasses for a Furby.

V likes the little holders I made for her hydroponic cups. :fire_friendly:

I had to convince Cura that YES, two of them could fit on the same build plate. I'm printing a pair now.

I must be at least passing fair at designing objects for ; this latest effort took 15 minutes from telling V that I was about to start to firing up my printer with the sliced design.

OK! Designed those coins and sent my friend the STL files. Designed a new box, sliced it, and sent it to print. First layer looks good so far.

Also got my pillows & case out of the washer, into the dryer! I'm doing well.

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