Right, then. I've finally taken a spool of filament out of my dry box and set my printer to making some Z stabilizers, with belt tensioners next to come.

It's time to get this machine working again.

Here's a thing I did: got myself about 85, 90% of the way toward having a dry box for all my filament. Got a few more additions to make.

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My print came out better, but not quite standard quality.

Guess I should bake the filament more tomorrow. We'll see.

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I baked a spool of filament tonight to try and bring it back to life. Running a print now and hoping for the best.

I need to find a 3d modeler for designing printed items in Linux. I'd use Fusion 360, but it's not available.

I love drawing 2D items in Fusion 360 and then giving them depth/height/volume. If you have a suggestion for a program that incorporates that, please, suggest away. Boosts welcome.

Huh. My OctoPrint is reporting that this object will take FAR longer than the slicer thought it would.

To the tune of 3.5 additional hours.

We'll see?

First version was a bit small—0.3 mm small—but the second version is looking pretty good.

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Let this be a warning: This is the problem with . If you have any issues whatsoever with (im)patience, the lure of designing a real quick something and immediately running it off will be a constant siren call.

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Mm. Had to do some redesign on my latest commission. Some of the lines were too thin. Got the new version running now; I hope it's better. I'd like to get that cash.

I'm glad I went ahead and brought up the second table for my station. If kitty is this curious, it's best she has a place to sit and watch.

Huh. I turned on "ironing" for a print. I'm not sure I like the results. Opinions?

Back at it again. What do you think? Might you wear a charm like this?


I wanted to create a unique ring that had an organic feel to it, and I think I succeeded. Had to learn more about Fusion 360 to do it; learning more is rarely a bad thing. 👍🏼

Well, holy shit. I think I made the thing I want to make.

Time to slice it and see how it turns out.

DANG. The pilot print came out well, and the distances were all a little too small.

Second time's the charm? That's the phrase, right?

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Yay! They're coming out well so far. The real test will be when the legs begin curving. I'm going without supports; we'll see how they come out.

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