Workin' on learning OpenSCAD so that, eventually, I might get half as good with it as I am with Fusion 360.

It requires a very different mental state, and I'm not sure I like it--but I -can do- it.

Their tutorial is pretty good. In these early chapters, I find myself jumping ahead a bit. My end code isn't the same as their end code.

I think that means--so far--that I get it.

:fire_laughing: 🀣 OctoPrint thinks the print will take 2 hours. OctoPrint also thinks the print will take 8 hours.

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Trying out some new slicer settings, see if I can't cut down general printing time AND, hopefully, fix some layer adhesion issues.

Fingers crossed!

I got my print time for five (5) little mask straps down to two hours (from ~5). I:

βœ… increased layer height to 0.32mm from 0.2mm
βœ… increased print speed from 50mm/s to 60mm/s

That puts them at the approximate advertised printing time of 15 minutes.



Both steps, design and slicing, require knowledge, time, and often some experimentation.

If you don't include info on both, you're only giving half the instructions.

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βœ… making your design available with suggestions for material, support, infill, and more
❌ "Hi I'm a designer I designed a thing here's an STL file!"

Actually, my friends, how do y'all feel about ironing? Does it improve the aesthetics of things in your eyes, or is it just an unnecessary additional thing?

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COVID-19, 3D Printing 

I've had this new printer for probably two weeks now, and today is the first time I'm attempting a face shield visor.

I don't think people recognize a few things about :
1) Every printer is different. Every filament is different. We can get settings from other folks that set us ahead somewhat, but there's still a "dialing in" process.
2) Materials are different. They have different properties. Different projects need different materials.


Well! I have to remove some very fine stringing, and that doesn't make this any less a successful design and print. PETG, so it should be dishwasher safe.

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Okay, I've got some hopefully decent settings for printing PETG on the Ender 3. Giving a fairly simple model a shot and praying for:
πŸ”² decent layer adhesion
πŸ”² minimal stringing

Okay. Got my extruder steps calibrated. Working on my flow rate for my slicer settings now.

Currently watching a video on assembling my new Creality Ender-3. (This was my birthday gift from my parents.)

There's more to it than I expected.

Gonna try not to be too daunted, though. Watching through this, then going to further sort out my parts and follow along. Wanna get an idea of the steps before I try to undertake them.

Maybe by later tonight it'll be turning out a first good print. That's the goal.

Right, then. I've finally taken a spool of filament out of my dry box and set my printer to making some Z stabilizers, with belt tensioners next to come.

It's time to get this machine working again.

Here's a thing I did: got myself about 85, 90% of the way toward having a dry box for all my filament. Got a few more additions to make.

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My print came out better, but not quite standard quality.

Guess I should bake the filament more tomorrow. We'll see.

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I baked a spool of filament tonight to try and bring it back to life. Running a print now and hoping for the best.

I need to find a 3d modeler for designing printed items in Linux. I'd use Fusion 360, but it's not available.

I love drawing 2D items in Fusion 360 and then giving them depth/height/volume. If you have a suggestion for a program that incorporates that, please, suggest away. Boosts welcome.

Huh. My OctoPrint is reporting that this object will take FAR longer than the slicer thought it would.

To the tune of 3.5 additional hours.

We'll see?

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