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selfie, eye contact 

Now I'm ready for a birthday dinner. 👍🏼

uspol, Salvation Army 

This should be all one needs to know about this candidate.

First version was a bit small—0.3 mm small—but the second version is looking pretty good.

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wrestling action (YEET) 

🎶 Baaaaaaask in his glooooo-ryyyyyyyyy! 🎶

I love Keith Lee.

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"That's it, you're looking at it! He just looks slick all day."

Mmmm. Bottled juices.
Milk caramel, vanilla custard, cranberry, blueberry, cherry, and red energy drink.

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selfie, eye contact, identity musings 

Every time I put this face on, it feels more and more like my natural face. And it's only been two times. I think my everyday face is the disguise.

selfie, eye contact 

An experiment. Tried to hit the darker parts of my beard and leave the gray.

selfie, eye contact 

felt chilly, might burrow under blankets later

food mention, selfie with eye contact 

I dressed up for our dinner last night. The whole thing was centered around eating meatloaf, so I dressed to eat Meat Loaf.

I'm borrowing the title of Mr. GMSI (Get My Shit In) from Cage today. Lawn work complete. Gonna buy ingredients & make pad kee mao tonight. Maybe I'll even make it to a thing later. (selfie, eye contact)

HELL yeah, Texas weather. Thanks for finally getting with the program.

This is part of why "The Expanse" is such a fine series of novels.

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