selfie, no eye contact, request 

Can someone tell me I'm cute/attractive, etc? I don't ask often, and it feels like it'd really help today

art project idea; practical suggestions desired 

Essentially, I want to make a two- or three-person-wide, free-standing portal that shows off this effect

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Well, Suzuki lost the Ring of Honor World Television Championship (and my dye job was growing out), so it was time for a change. (selfie, no eye contact)

Vizio actually responded very professionally to my vitriol, suggesting they'd pass my feature request (an equalizer setting called "off", "passthrough", or some such) on to their product team.

I pointed out how lovely it'd be for this to apply to new AND older products, since "playing exactly the sound signal received, no swerves" is literally the oldest product feature of any speaker ever.

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Direct messaging with companies on Twitter is always fun.

(In these screenshots, I exhort VIZIO to release a firmware update with a new equalizer setting, perhaps named "Off", that simply plays the audio signals it receives without being shaped by 25 settings first.

Y'know, like a speaker.)


There's only one Nacho King, and yer lookin' upon his works

food, family 

It's pretty perfect, actually. Not very spicy; I did too good a job scraping the pith out of the peppers. If I'd left even a little, we'd have more heat. Spot-on flavors, tho.

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food, family 

Making salsa with my son 💕

He's blackening veggies that we'll blend up in a moment

selfie, eye contact 

Gotta look good when I turn 43 tomorrow morning. Also, our beloved Murder Grandpa, Minoru Suzuki, is the new Ring of Honor Television Champion! 🎉🎉

pro wrestling, death 

Scott Hall, Razor Ramon, is likely on his way out of this world, on to whatever may be next.

Professional wrestling wouldn't be what it is today without The Bad Guy.

My heart goes out to Big Kev. For such a long time, they've been obvious brothers. Those two men love each other, and I know Nash hurts right now.

"Hard work pays off; dreams come true. Bad times don't last,

but bad guys do."

Recognizing today that, as someone who talks/communicates in a cloverleaf style, I have a HARD FUCKING TIME talking to folks who chat in a Kabalah tree of life style

ie, I can loop around a bit, but always return to the same conversational point and direction, as opposed to moving the conversation to any remotely connected point, directionless

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