I bought a cat apartment!

There was a bunch of stuff in the box, but I'll figure that out later.


Hangman Adam Page over on birdsite:

if you work piss-in-a-bottle hard for long enough then you too can watch your boss’ boss’ boss’ tax cheat boss go on a ten minute almost space vacation. aew dynamite tomorrow at 8pm

My son coming in with what is both the most brutal and gentle curse ever

We got a lot of pavers down today. Had to stop for rain, but it was lunchtime anyway.

Didn't get rolling as well after lunch. We'll have to finish up tomorrow.

We got 3 cubic yards of gravel delivered this morning. It is only mostly distributed in this picture; at present, we have fully distributed it.

I took a wonderful shower after, and I'm not doing a blessed fucking thing for the rest of the day.

Got out with Jinya this morning to redistribute a bunch of churned-up dirt and fill in our mudhole beside the driveway. A bit more topsoil and it'll be ready for permeable pavers.

pet passing 

We had to say goodbye to one of our cats, This, this morning. He was a great, warm, friendly cat who simply got old and developed a neurological something that left him in bad shape.

We named him after this early meme because he looked just like it as a kitten.

I'll miss your headbutts, old man. 💕

We did an American last night, and I suddenly remembered what a fiddly pain charcoal can be.

Fashion! (maybe eye contact, unsure) 

This is the piece I had my talented designer friend make for me. It's exactly(!!) what I wanted, and I think I look great in it.

That One Friend 🙄 

One of my friends suggested we consider moving with my gay, trans son to Belize.

A quick wiki search yielded:

man selfies in short jorts 

I made myself some jorts.

This summer, let your thighs blind the eyes, my guys

COVID, positive 

I said this months ago when someone wondered: should they get the 1st dose if they worry about availability of the 2nd?

Advanced training is better than basic training. Basic training is better than no training. The real-world numbers bear out.

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