A friend elsewhere wonders if "Tiger whatever" (I genuinely cannot recall the name) was released now to purposely erode class solidarity.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories; I don't believe in the plan.

I see the effects, though.

covid-19 world, praise 

food, alcohol 

insect pic 

food, alcohol, wrestling 

Ha! Thanks to V, my embroidery supplies are now more real/official.

I did some useful things. I showered. I cleaned up my facial hair.

I had a lunch. I'm sitting down with a book. I may take the book outside to the gazebo.

Are you safe in your space? Can you see something green and growing?

The next five minutes will probably be okay.

Take a sec and look at the living world, and let it all go for a moment. This next minute? High likelihood this minute'll be fine.


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Baby's First Punk Embroidery (2020)

I learned several things, not least of which is "Probably go straight horizontal instead of at a slant, doofus."

Hole's covered, though.

"give up" is still out there, bringing a message of consensual nihilism to the masses in these trying times.

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Sorry, here's a smaller image you can repost (if inclined)

same text as previous image, and dang Masto's image preview crop

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"Social distancing since November"

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