I'm ecstatic that my cutie sweetheart, Abadon, will get a shot at the AEW Women's Championship.

Just look at that adorable woman! ❤️

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Hey, buddies. I'm gonna watch some wrestling tonight. I'll stream it, too, so you can watch with me.

Show starts at 7 PM Central; I'll start streaming around 6:30. You can join me at live.thraeryn.net

(photo features lots of eye contact)

2020 recap (---) 

So tonight, I'm eating shards of fake glass—it's sugar—and hoping for a better twelve months.

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We watched Animaniacs! in the yard. Our friend, Scott, joined us.

The reboot is funny. It was a nice evening.


I craved a patty melt today, so I spent an hour or so making one.

It was so delicious, rich, and filling that I couldn't finish the last few bites.

selfies, meme exasperation 

I may not have "Gomez game".

I certainly have my own game.


I'm at the center of an Arby's pentagram, but I can't summon a gd sandwich 😿

My projector and Fire Stick arrived this evening.

I'm watching "Demolition Man" on my ceiling because somehow that seems appropriate

Last night's AEW Dynamite was an amazing show for many reasons,

including THIS MAN, who once performed in *North Carolina*! 🤣

(eye contact)

picture of wounded eye 

So yeah. That orange line? It looks exactly like my sinister distal fingernail, and it is a minor(? I guess?) laceration of my left cornea :P

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