She could not be any tinier, or thinner 😥 but we'll definitely fix both of those states

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Oops, we had to rescue a tiny, skin-and-bones kitten we found in a parking lot.


Name suggestions below!

(oh, there's a sandwich in this picture, too)

one frustrating morning, drug ref 

My partner is confused and it's a little amusing

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My phone rang far, far too many times today.

Also, I'm almost done with another thing. (selfie, eye contact)

I got my newest mask finished this morning! Was able to get the eyes in place AWW BY MYSEWF (Big Boy shit!) and the zipper in back holds solidly.

I'm pretty happy with it. (selfies, eye contact)

Hey, look! I got a zipper on my newest mask.

It's not super pretty, but it's on securely.

I made myself a new face yesterday. Had to reacquaint myself with sewing spandex, try out some new techniques before using the expensive fabric.

It's not perfect, but for a test project, I'm happy. (selfie, eye contact)

wrestling, lewd joke w/sfw pics 

The airline lost Penelope Ford's luggage and ring gear yesterday,

so she decided to contribute to the prison pipeline by sending entire communities to Horny Jail

Due to the venue being really weird about seating—my entire row just wasn't there—I was visible in basically every hard cam shot on tonight's .

There I am, six rows back.

We finally got dirt to complete our driveway extension. (Six cubic yards, which is A LOT.)

Spent hours shoveling it into place, filling low spots in the yard, wetting things down so the dirt would settle, etc.

But at the end, I was able to park my car next to the driveway for the first time in months.

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