I'm borrowing the title of Mr. GMSI (Get My Shit In) from Cage today. Lawn work complete. Gonna buy ingredients & make pad kee mao tonight. Maybe I'll even make it to a thing later. (selfie, eye contact)

HELL yeah, Texas weather. Thanks for finally getting with the program.

This is part of why "The Expanse" is such a fine series of novels.

Testing, testing. This is a clip from a Prodigy song so Prodigy that Liam didn't even really want to release it, "Baby's Got A Temper".

I used this clip as a notification ringtone for a while.

There we go. He liked the design, and I got it all worked out. Printing a test.

My friend and I created something with which he's really happy. Ain't much better than that.

selfie, eye contact 

Polaroid selfie, eye contact, :boost_ok: 

I'm glad I went ahead and brought up the second table for my station. If kitty is this curious, it's best she has a place to sit and watch.

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