That One Friend 🙄 

One of my friends suggested we consider moving with my gay, trans son to Belize.

A quick wiki search yielded:

man selfies in short jorts 

I made myself some jorts.

This summer, let your thighs blind the eyes, my guys

COVID, positive 

I said this months ago when someone wondered: should they get the 1st dose if they worry about availability of the 2nd?

Advanced training is better than basic training. Basic training is better than no training. The real-world numbers bear out.

Finally got to put my Murphy bed frame together today, with a lot of help. Moved my dresser again, swapped out TVs, removed the last remnant of carpet in my room.

This likely isn't the *final* configuration; it's getting very close.

The night time is the *night* time!

(selfie, no shirt, no eye contact)

I love that there's a wrestling move named after these little Japanese dolls. I love that, essentially, the move replicates the doll falling over. 😂 I love both of the wrestlers who use it: Honma Tomoaki for being so wholesome, Itoh Maki for . . . not. 🤣

I wish I could see Bull Nakano in one final match, ideally for AEW,

but I'm not certain the woman on the right is as ring-ready as the woman on the left was.

I would kiss either one, young or modern, all over her face

(intimidating eye contact)

wrestling, a li'l swear 

This made me very happy tonight.

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