I wanted to create a unique ring that had an organic feel to it, and I think I succeeded. Had to learn more about Fusion 360 to do it; learning more is rarely a bad thing. 👍🏼

food, novelty 

Well, I have to take it apart in a little while, but here's my new little enclosure for my printer.

The feet of the table on top are old and too swollen to fit in the cups at each corner.

selfie, eye contact 

selfie, eye contact 

Selfies, no eye contact, :boost_ok:

Here's my red/gray compromise. Which would make a better profile pic: up, or down?

What do you good people think of a decision/flippin' coin with medieval symbols of key on one side and sword on the other?

I'm at a psychic cleansing fair tonight offering scientific prophecies. Querents can flip my coin for simple questions, or ask the bottle (while providing context, their own thoughts, info on what's probable) for more detailed readings.

(selfie, no ec)

selfie, no ec 

selfies, no eye contact, boosts 👍🏼 

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