So, I did shave my hair stripe off yesterday. (selfie, indirect? eye contact)

Hey, friends.

Are shoe sizes a thorn in your side when you're trying to look like the excellent person you are? Does it sometimes seem like you have to try on every shoe in the store because the printed sizes aren't useful indicators?

I'd like to suggest finding your European shoe size. All adult shoes are measured in the same size with fewer gendered discrepancies. If it's a 44, by and large, it's a 44.

Dang. Brought a bag of clasps to Austin with me to sew onto a cloak.

Except it's an entire bag of the hook halves. There's another bag in Houston with loop halves that ain't doin' me much good.

Okie dokie. I feel better than earlier. Unsure if I'm a 9 of 10, but I'm at least a 7, 7.5.

I did good things. I did unexpected things. I took a walk. I have a cat on my lap.

Status: hopeful

A smiling driver greeted me by name and collected me from my home.

He brought me to this smiling driver, who greeted me by name and told me he'd been waiting for me. The first driver saw me inside and watched the door close.

I've been here for hours—long enough to have a sound sleep, wake, and return to myself.

The others all chose the small companionship of physical proximity. None wanted to chance four hours of closeness with an already-sleeping body that might never wake.

I love it here. No one else seems inclined to brave the dark and the stares of all these empty chairs, not even to use the bathroom just over my shoulder. This space is inviolate.

One of six people, including the driver, hurtling down the road in a bus made to carry almost fifty. The surroundings fly by while we all remain still and silent. All the others are near the front, and it feels so secluded back here that I believe I could do almost anything and no one would know.

There's nothing to do in this dark, empty forest of chairs. This is Charon's ferry.

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At one of my favorite places downtown, to share some chill times and some songs with a few of my friends. I brought some Christmas crackers, too. (selfie, eye contact)

Santa selfie, eye contact 


A question for folks! Responses (and boosts) welcome 

Me, enjoying not being at the movies. The drinks are (reasonably) endless! The lighting is the very best color!

This is (for those following at home) the ugly fix I managed after the Jerk Magician quietly sliced most of my tab loop off. You can see the part that was still stitched to the bag, see the fairly clean slice. Ugh.

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