I got a message today from my wireless provider, informing me that one of the regular charges Texas adds to my bill would rise.

Before, I was charged 3.3% of my monthly cost to benefit necessary providers in rural areas. Starting in September, they'll be bumping that to TWENTY-FOUR PERCENT (24%). Why?

Oh, because Texas politicians are obstreperous incompetents who wouldn't know a good-sense, palliative measure if their entire bodies were covered in weeping boils.




Here's another article/editorial from a "consumer watchdog" in Dallas. Same details, different voice.

The fund in general? Not just worthwhile; necessary. People NEED emergency communication, even when they deliberately choose to live 25 miles from a neighbor.

The way the fund was handled? Well. That's the same terrible joke that Texas appointees tell, over and over again, constantly finding new ways to disappoint the citizenry.

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