I suggested it to two folks in the same week, so I may's well suggest it to the wider Fedi in general:

There's this whole field of work that a lot of folks can likely do: transcribing.

You take what's likely an online, automated test. An A/V file is played. You transcribe the audio, following the specific formatting and directives supplied by the company. No shorthand, no need to get it right first-time-as-you're-listening.


You will, of course, be offered more (and better) opportunities if you have a fast, accurate turn-around on jobs once hired. And the things you'll transcribe will probably be incredibly boring, sometimes laden with buzzwords and jargon you find yourself researching.

It's a job that's out there. It's a job that almost demands you work from home, as they may not have a big ol' office. It's a job that you might research and consider.

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