This is the first day my (soon to be 18) son and I are working together in his GED prep book.

There's no rhythm yet, no best practices, but he knows what DIDN'T work in prior classes. We're kinda starting there: trying to avoid those things, maybe skew to their opposites.

I do hope we find habits, methods, and practices that work for both of us. 🤞


We got through a segment. We did the practice questions & discussed the answers. We had a break. We did a quick question/exercise that I wrote on the fly.

And now we're gonna take a longer break so he can nap. We'll resume after math class. I have my concerns about trying to work after math; it's early days, so we'll give it a shot.


The after-math session actually went really well. My partner, Jinya, pointed out that our son might be perfectly fine with more hands-off methods, so long as I was there to assist.

She was right. A lot of what he needs is for me to read longer passages, give them pauses and inflection, so his brain isn't trying to handle both symbol processing and language processing.

I can do that. He can likely get that for the actual test, too.

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