I like that more fantasy and sci-fi books are making it to market.

I finished an entire two between last night and today. The other ones on my e-reader look to be of similar length.

I like longer, three- or four-day books, too. And we don't seem to get as many lately. 😢

@thraeryn Have you tried Fonda Lee's Green Bone saga? Nice long books--I'm really enjoying the first, and was able to get the ebook from my library.

@thraeryn Not as long, but I'm also a fan of everything Daniel Abraham. One of the co-authors of the Expanse, but has at least two complete and the start of a third fantasy series of his own.

@thraeryn following up. Green Bone does have great world building and a neat story, but the prose and dialogue just aren't that great.

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