Star Trek: Picard S2 

Hold up.

President Hansen's husband is played by Isa Briones' real-world father? O.o

Star Trek: Picard S2 

Oh, hey, an episode directed by Beverley Switzler.

Star Trek: Picard S2 

Rick & Morty exists in the Star Trek universe.

Process that, if you can.

Star Trek: Picard S2 

Well, this Borg Queen seems wittier and bitchier than her predecessors.


Star Trek: Picard S2 


I love Unimatrix-01 as a character concept (much as I love Unicron from the Transformers universes.)

The simple, but mind-bending idea that in every universe, given enough time/development, reality will produce Unimatrix-01. It's one of my favorite Trek elements.

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