vasectomy realities 🧵 

Time to dispel myths and talk realities, because if you can do this, you should strongly consider it.

I got my vasectomy about 17y ago, and welcome other, more recent stories.

* Got mine through Planned Parenthood. Sliding scale.
* The woman on phone heard I "only" had one kid and did spend 45s asking if I was sure. Then I said I was, and that was that.
* Two Vicodin, and maybe a local? I was awake, then maybe napped?
* Waiting before & after is the longest bit

re: vasectomy realities 🧵 VIDEO 

@thraeryn What I wish I had been told: every guy who told me their experience told me "It's not so bad." And it's true, it's not so bad. BUT it is unpleasant. No pain, but an intense sensation of pressure, one side at a time, as they snip your vas deferens, then lots of tenderness for about two weeks after. Still, not so bad, you can take it, just don't expect to feel nothing. I actually found this video of the procedure really reassuring:


re: vasectomy realities 🧵 VIDEO 

@Space_Burger_Steve Huh.

I legitimately don't remember the sensations, and the context is
* I was given two Vicodin, then I'm pretty sure a local also

The pressure you experienced made me think of my tooth removals. Have you had one? Were the feelings comparable?

re: vasectomy realities 🧵 VIDEO 

@thraeryn No, I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time, so I was out with a general anasthetic. The procedure I had was the one in the video, vas deferens pulled out and cauterised one at a time. I found the feeling of having vas deferens pulled similar to having a teste squeezed, and it was my vas deferens that was sore after. Still, it wasn't debilitating or unbearable, I was just surprised after all the downplaying I had heard.

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