vasectomy realities 🧵 

Time to dispel myths and talk realities, because if you can do this, you should strongly consider it.

I got my vasectomy about 17y ago, and welcome other, more recent stories.

* Got mine through Planned Parenthood. Sliding scale.
* The woman on phone heard I "only" had one kid and did spend 45s asking if I was sure. Then I said I was, and that was that.
* Two Vicodin, and maybe a local? I was awake, then maybe napped?
* Waiting before & after is the longest bit

vasectomy realities 🧵 

* I still ejaculate. My ejaculate didn't notably change in any way, including volume.
* I think they used some sort of tiny clips to close all the snipped and newly-open ends. Every blue moon, they're in an uncomfortable position; a little jiggle sets things right.
* Every partner I ever had after, for 17 years, has acted (somewhat understandably) like they won a contest they hadn't even entered on hearing about it.

vasectomy realities 🧵 

* I don't feel any less manly. I feel LIBERATED. I feel like a recent, clean STI panel (on both sides of the equation) leaves me ready to roll, pretty darn consequence-free.
* My long-term partners were able to stop THEIR birth-control efforts, which made them MUCH happier people. Nothing about uterine birth control is easy or pleasant.

Make a call. Take a day off work. Shirk lifting things for a time. If you look at it right, you're buying a lifetime theme park pass.

vasectomy realities 🧵 

@thraeryn every month my girlfriend is able to say, "I'm not pregnant. Again" makes my vasectomy worth it.

Funny anecdote: when I was having mine done, the doc and i just carried on, talking about my life at the time, full time traveling in an RV.
The only moment for pause was when I felt her tug on the vas deferens... all the way up to my ear.

vasectomy realities 🧵 

@notcraig My doc asked before the procedure if I minded a nurse present, as she had little experience with 'em

So my doc was constantly describing his actions as he acted, and an extra person saw me loopy on whatever opioid

vasectomy realities 🧵 

@thraeryn Vasectomy, with dadoctor's commentary track!

(Sorry that was a bit of a reach. It was funnier in my head)


vasectomy realities 🧵 


All good; I had such a long day, my brain meats are responsive to almost all silliness

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