vasectomy realities 🧵 

Time to dispel myths and talk realities, because if you can do this, you should strongly consider it.

I got my vasectomy about 17y ago, and welcome other, more recent stories.

* Got mine through Planned Parenthood. Sliding scale.
* The woman on phone heard I "only" had one kid and did spend 45s asking if I was sure. Then I said I was, and that was that.
* Two Vicodin, and maybe a local? I was awake, then maybe napped?
* Waiting before & after is the longest bit

re: vasectomy realities 🧵 

@thraeryn How was your recovery? I've had a one friend who had such a bad reaction and intense swelling that I'm terrified of pulling the trigger.

Though I really want the operation. My 2 daughters are adults now and I have zero interest in starting over.

re: vasectomy realities 🧵 

@petersanchez My recovery was simple and easy. No swelling I recall, no excruciating pain; I took the advice, didn't lift heavy things, etc and was fine.

I wonder what even happened with your friend. That's a bad reaction to a bananas simple procedure.

If it worries you and you can manage three days off work instead of one, that'd be my suggestion. Give yourself a long weekend.

re: re: vasectomy realities 🧵 

@thraeryn Yea, my other friends say it was smooth. A few days with frozen veggies on your crotch and you're done. But it's always that one horror story that sticks in your mind. Thanks for the info!

btw, I actually had requested it 2 years ago but for some reason my provider was very backed up. By the time they called me to schedule the procedure (a year later) I was a week away from moving out of the country.


re: re: vasectomy realities 🧵 

@petersanchez Wild. It's long ago now, but I think my wait time was more of the ~12d variety.

Like, the first (and few) things that come to mind as possible complications are "drug allergy" and "hematoma". I hope I'd know about the first already to inform the docs; the second happens to my dogs when they shake their heads too often and violently (ie, it's more a general, anytime possibility)

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