So many of my friends are LGBT+.
My son is LGBT+.
His mom is LGBT+.

You can be cishet. I'm cishet. It's not a crime.

You cannot come here and insult the people I love most in life for standing under the (LARGE, AND VARIED) LGBT+ umbrella.

I'll dump you. (Fact, not threat.) I'll tell everyone I know. You'll be shocked how many people that really seemed to like you won't give you the time of day.

Adjust yourself. The Mirror Fediverse is an oubliette. We will put you there. You won't escape.


The Mirror Fediverse is shorthand for all the servers full of hard racists, fascists, abusers, etc.

If you come with some horrible shit, people won't just block you; they'll report you and talk about doing so. If your server admin doesn't shut your shit down, isn't seen to be taking action, we'll talk loudly about THAT, too, often using the tag.

Your server will start disappearing—not for you, but to everyone else. You'll softly and suddenly vanish away.

Be good.

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