life path observations 

My buddy who has a degree in biology chose not to go into medical research. He had a job at the Houston Arboretum for a while, and is now trying to get his own plant service off the ground. He's in my yard with a weed trimmer right now.

I greatly respect his choice to not pursue a career in pharmaceuticals, likely to be fifteen years of tweaking some sildenafil-based compound. He chose a far tougher road. (1)

life path observations 

Or he could've gone into oil & gas—the bread and butter of the Houston area for ages—evaluating new drilling or pipeline environments, writing impact reports whose details would largely be ignored in every single case.

I wish he didn't have to work so hard to find a niche he can live with in his field. I'm glad we can pay him, because I know the background we're getting for it. (2)


life path observations 

Me? I took my decent looks and offbeat sensibilities, worked on emotional intelligence (for A LONG TIME, I still feel like I'm just getting "there"), and started throwing myself at older, accomplished women when I was about 19.

I've worked since then, but maybe once for more than six months. The type of job never mattered; that it had few requirements and that I could arrange a quick, in-person interview were my guidelines. (3)

life path observations 

I'm 42 now; I've essentially been a kept man for 23 years.

For almost as long as my friend has been alive, I got by on my skills at connectin', listenin', & fuckin'.

It's such vastly different work.

But every time I hear Danzig sing "Got a light, shines on me," I feel it in my marrow. (4)

life path observations 

The world is such a strange place. These are both reasonably successful paths. My buddy's seems defined by what he wouldn't do; mine was always defined by Pasteur's idea that "[...L]e hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés."

And a desire to exist as nothing more than myself, offering no value beyond my inherent value. To be me, and have that be enough.

It's wild that I succeeded. It's wild that my biologist friend is out working on my lawn. (5)

life path observations 

I really wish I weren't an outlier.

I want a world in which everyone can say their existence justifies their being cared for. I want to live in a society where being is enough, where everything we do for each other is a welcome and appreciated lagniappe. (6)

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