@oneoddfrog Hey, still wanna watch some wrestling tonight? When & how? (I'm Central time zone)

@oneoddfrog Right on, you got B/R Live, Fite, etc? I can probably set myself up to broadcast a stream, but seems easier if we both watch and just voice chat or something over discord

@oneoddfrog If there's another method you were thinking of, lemme know

@thraeryn I think I need to bail on tonight, and maybe say next week? I'm in too fresh a state, and a friend and I are packing the ex's stuff.

@oneoddfrog That is A-OK. I hope waters calm a bit, and that your packing goes well.

@thraeryn Thank you so much my friend. Can we maybe try for next week, if you're up for it?

@oneoddfrog Next week is open wide. 😀 And hey, if you have time tomorrow night and wanna hop on Discord to watch Dynamite, I'll be around!

@thraeryn I might also be watching with @tyler - so I'll probs be on discord. I haven't kept up with AEW at all since Pandemic.

@oneoddfrog @tyler Lemme know! Last week was a real A+ show; really hoping tomorrow night is, too.

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