My son's name change is progressing. 🤘🏼

Today will be his first day at a Mathnasium center, to help his confidence in math and get him closer to the GED. I have solid hopes; if he puts in the work and tries, I'm sure he can improve and gain skills. It's his least confident, most frustrating subject; we'll see how he feels in a year.



The way they turned a thought around during his assessment when he had trouble, turning a short string of wrong answers and hesitation to immediate, correct answers, was incredibly reassuring. The student-to-teacher ratio is encouraging. I actually think they might change his attitude.


Well, being out, driving around, etc. for 2.5 hours, almost never leaving the car, sure as shit takes it out of me.

But my son says he did 11 pages of math problems today, 10 correctly and one ungraded. I hope that it's the first of a long string of successes. He's smart and unpracticed, and biased against it. If they can give him confidence, it'll mean a lot.

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