more personal TX news 

Washed almost all our dishes. We had tubs of soap & rinse water left from dishes the other day, and hot water on the stove; we added some hot to the cold and got to work.

Water's still shut off at the street after finding a cracked pipe yesterday, though. Gonna turn it on in a bit, fill boilin' jugs, turn it back off,

and HOPEFULLY patch the crack with the epoxy we got at Home Despot this morning. If we're lucky, we might have moderate pressure after.

more personal TX news, question 

My mom sent me money to buy a genny. Gotta review all the opinions my burner friends gave me yesterday and figure out what I'll get.

If you have an opinion on inverter-style generators, respond here.


Generator question answered 

I bought a Harbor Freight Predator 3something-or-other. 💕

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