Texas, personal 

We've had power since 22.30 last night.

We were without for three days.

One of our pipes burst; it's under the floor of our pier-and-beam house. We'll try to get epoxy putty and patch it up until stores aren't so wild.

A good friend let me take a shower at his place earlier today. Felt almost like a normal one. My mom's ready to buy me a generator so I don't have to scrounge one next cataclysm.

I'm warm tonight, but fragile.


Texas, personal 

Cold tried to take my hands as a kid, my life—twice—as a teen. My BMI, despite my mid-life belly, still isn't high enough to make me even slightly resistant to cold. It's my nemesis,

and a whole crew of fucks made me face it down *again* for no reason but money.

I want to just eliminate people. Black ops team, disappear a whole slew of folks, whoops! Where'd they go? Well, better get a new crop of legislators and board members, etc.

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