boomer parents & largesse 

A Canon EOS Rebel T7 showed up on my doorstep today, courtesy of my mom.

No one in the house asked for a camera, but she wanted a new one; then, she wanted to give us the old one; she couldn't find the old one; we got a whole kit with two lenses, etc.

Now, I'm gonna do a video course on photography with my son so that we can actually use this thing.

. . . If they wanna express love through spending, just send cash, right? (cont)

boomer parents & largesse 

Genuinely, none of us need this camera. I'm going to try to use it because it is a pro-grade camera, and no one here has real interest in pro-am photography.

A friend shared a similar story of their parent buying them a Wacom tablet years ago, when they didn't draw, didn't doodle, etc.

Just "Uh, here's some professional equipment; do something cool! Love ya!"

We don't really need -stuff-. We want to -do- things.


boomer parents & largesse 

With this camera, what I'll end up -do-ing is
✅ this online photog course
✅ some trips to the botanical gardens, prob
✅ maybe taking it out to a concert or party if I want to be the person that isn't actually experiencing much of it
✅ really fire food photos for my insta?

boomer parents & largesse 

I don't think their generation really gets the shift both mine and those younger than mine have made, from possessions to experiences.

Sure, sometimes I'll get THINGS; those things are all in service to throwing a better party, having a better camp-out, cooking a better meal, running karaoke.

Funds facilitate. Cool camera: not so much.

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