2020 recap (---) 

I started 2020 getting yell-sobbed at because something that was said hurt my feelings.

Not that much later in the month, I wanted to shove the open end of my e-cig, wire coils red-hot, into my open eye.

In March, I think, I lost my last grandparent and was glad I had an excuse to avoid traveling for a funeral.

2020 recap (---) 

I watched a lot of wrestling, which actually brought me joy in a time of steady, unrelenting gray, . . . but I missed one of my last chances to see it live because Austin was still a dead space to me.

I wasn't able to give my son any of the things I planned for his birthday.

A family member died in my house. Death followed at every elbow, no matter how oblivious.

I'm about done with this shit.


2020 recap (---) 

So tonight, I'm eating shards of fake glass—it's sugar—and hoping for a better twelve months.

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