Watching "Watchmen" (the film) again,

and almost any Trump follower seems as though they could put on a mask and become Rorschach or The Comedian.

Watchmen, USPol 

@thraeryn The Trump followers are the ones who thought Rorshach was the/a hero.

Sort of like red-pillers for the Matrix.

Watchmen, The Boys, USPol 

@thraeryn I think Rorschach has been one-upped:

Among the protesters [at the Million MAGA March] were two people in costume: one dressed as Joe Biden in a prisoner uniform, being held by the other, a man wearing a Trump mask while dressed as Homelander from The Boys.

Showrunner Eric Kripke tweeted an image of the duo, asking “Um … are they actually watching the show?”

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