I bought a screen for my projector.

Some friends are gonna come over and watch "Ponyo" out in my yard.

I like that I can tell everyone "hey I'm doing something nice, come set up some chairs spread apart and you can join"

bc holy shit

I think I'm gonna make a stand/frame for the screen with PVC pipe and bungee balls. Take it down, put it in the garage. Maybe be able to tote the whole thing to a buddy's for similar stuff.

I should look into getting a decent speaker (set) for it. Maybe put it on my Christmas list.


I built the PVC frame I described. It works pretty well.

I had to organize a grocery run to make the trip to Lowe's to get the primer and glue,

but I got that dang frame glued in all the spots I wanted it glued. 💪🏼

@maloki Thanks! I'm pretty pleased; it's exactly what I envisioned

@thraeryn Nice build. I built a PVC movie screen frame too, but I didn't think to add a third leg in the middle! That probably adds a lot of stability.

Are you using a proper movie screen? I'm using a white blackout curtain because poor lol.

@larc Yeah, I bought a fabric one with grommets an' all, figuring I'd do this a few times and maybe offer to occasionally bring it out for others.

Thinking of gluing some of the pieces into joints, leaving others unstuck for disassembly, but right now it's all just shoved together

@thraeryn I did that and it worked out well. IME if you don't glue at least some of the joints, then eventually they'll get loose and you'll find the whole frame falling apart every time you try to hang the screen.

@larc Appreciate that note about the joints! I'll look into it tomorrow, then

@larc (I might've pulled a little cash from savings to help set this all up because I need a nice project, especially one that dove-tails with a safe-ish social gathering)

@thraeryn humans are social animals. at least this way you can satisfy that need in relative safety.

@witchfynder_finder Thanks 😺 I should probably put a couple of color test screens on to get things dialed in, but it's nice to just sit in the back driveway and watch big ol' TV

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