I bought a screen for my projector.

Some friends are gonna come over and watch "Ponyo" out in my yard.

I like that I can tell everyone "hey I'm doing something nice, come set up some chairs spread apart and you can join"

bc holy shit

I think I'm gonna make a stand/frame for the screen with PVC pipe and bungee balls. Take it down, put it in the garage. Maybe be able to tote the whole thing to a buddy's for similar stuff.

I should look into getting a decent speaker (set) for it. Maybe put it on my Christmas list.


Thinking we'll have a Procession of Snacks

which, sure, will just be a bunch of masked people queueing to go inside & pop popcorn in the microwave

but we can play "Pomp & Circumstance" for it


Maybe put the microwave outside, on a dias, and applaud for people as they cross.

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