I just finished watching "Howl's Moving Castle". What Studio Ghibli film should I fire up next? (I've seen most of them, so feel free to simply toss out a title!)

Well, I have two votes for Kiki's Delivery Service at the moment; I'll wait a li'l bit longer

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Kiki it is 👍🏼

I really enjoy being able to ask a question with no bad/wrong answers

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@thraeryn I'll take any opportunity to remind someone that porco rosso exists

@proto It's one of the very first I saw in an anime room at Dragon*Con back in the mid '90s, before I had any idea the same director and studio made half of the films I watched that weekend 🤍

@proto It was a bit like being introduced to a sport by watching an all-star game, I imagine 😸 I fell in love with that, and suddenly had pretty high standards

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